How to Prevent the Dreaded Summer Sinus Infection

Did you know that about 35 million people in the United States suffer from inflamed sinuses each year? Scientists and doctors have discovered that women are more susceptible to developing these infections than men. On top of that, people between the age of 45 and 64 are more likely to develop a summer sinus infection.

In fact, many people are resigned to an almost inevitable summer sinus infection each year. However, if that describes your own feelings, you might be able to change them. Because so many people deal with summer sinus infections, a lot of people have also tried to figure out how to prevent them.

We now know about a number of things you can do that decrease the chance that you will develop sinus infections. So what are some of the top tips that will help you avoid a dreaded summer sinus infection this year?

Read on to learn all about the most powerful ways you might be able to decrease the possibility of a sinus infection!

Combat Sinus Inflammation With Hydration

Summer sinus infections are often the result of a buildup of irritants in the nose or airway. As this part of the body becomes irritated, it produces more mucus. This mucus is supposed to provide an extra layer of protection between the sensitive tissues of the body and the irritants coming from the outdoors.

However, as more mucus builds up, it can lead to a strong sensation of congestion. All by itself, that can lead to symptoms that you would rather avoid.

However, having an excess buildup of mucus can cause other problems as well. It can cause irritants to hang around in the airway longer than is ideal. That can actually increase the chance that you develop a sinus infection as the hours and days go by.

The good news is that you can help your body clear up excess mucus by drinking plenty of water. This will wash away some of the mucus as well as any irritants it contains.

It will also help keep your nasal passages and sinuses moisturized. That will help them flush irritants and function as well as possible.

Avoid Allergens to Avoid Sinus Congestion

On the other hand, you might be able to prevent a summer sinus infection by avoiding allergens and other irritants in the first place. If you tend to develop your sinus infections at the same time each year, there is a good chance that your infections are the result of pollen or other irritants from outdoors.

You might consider spending less time outside when these irritants are especially common. However, you might still encounter a lot of these irritants if you keep your windows or doors open. Consider closing up your doors and windows and even investing in an air purifier.

Avoid Irritants to Fight a Sinus Infection

In other cases, sinus infections are the result of exposure to artificial irritants. Some people develop infections after they hang around cigarette smoke for a long time. Other people find that they start to develop infection symptoms when they spend a lot of time in the presence of strong scents or odors.

Avoiding these irritants as much as possible can help you decrease the chance that you develop a sinus infection. It might also be worth wearing a mask to allow you to go where you please while still protecting your body from excess exposure to environmental irritants.

Manage Sinus Issues With Indoor Air Quality

Investing in general indoor air quality can go a long way toward helping you avoid summer sinus infections. If you already have one air purifier, it might be worth upgrading it or getting more. Most air purifiers are not up to the job of keeping a whole house clean of indoor air contaminants.

However, there is also a lot more that you can do to help keep your indoor air quality as high as possible. Make a point of keeping your carpets and upholstery vacuumed as regularly as possible.

It can also help to be careful to avoid burning things in the kitchen. If any cooking processes do produce a lot of smoke or vapor, it might be worth opening a window or avoiding the area until the smoke clears. It can also be helpful to wear a mask while you cook if you are concerned about pollutants in the air.

Wash Your Hands to Prevent Summer Sinus Problems

In other cases, people end up causing their own summer sinus infections by touching their nose or eyes after touching a source of germs. During the months of the year that you are most likely to develop an infection, focus on washing your hands several times each day. If you cannot immediately wash your hands, try to remember not to touch your face in the meanwhile.

Invest in an Effective Sinus Spray

A great sinus spray can make your nasal passages and sinuses more resistant to irritants. Many people find that quality CBD nasal spray options are one of the best ways to prevent summer sinus infections.

Avoid a Summer Sinus Infection This Year

If you are used to dealing with a summer sinus infection each year, it can be comforting to know that there is a lot that you can do about it. Many people have discovered effective techniques that help them avoid summer sinus infections much more often than before. Trying out some of these techniques for yourself can help you discover which ones provide the best results for you.

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