Sun Protection 101: Everything You Need to Know About SPF

Sun Protection 101: Everything You Need to Know About SPF

The summer is in full swing, which often means beach, vacations, and soaking up the sun. However, sun rays can be quite harmful, which is why it’s important to use the proper protection throughout the day, even if you’re not going outside. There are many sunscreens on the market, but choosing the best one can be quite tricky, especially if you lack experience with similar cosmetic products. So if you’re planning to protect your skin, you can choose a skin protection spray as it helps to prevent sunburn and premature aging. Here are some important things you should know about skin products.

The sunscreen is the last product in your routine

Since the purpose of sunscreen is to protect your skin from UV rays, that also means it should always come last in your skincare routine. Therefore, make sure to cleanse your skin first and then apply all the serums and moisturizers, before you lock that all in with a quality sunscreen of your choice. 

There are different types of sunscreen to choose from 

As we previously mentioned, not all sunscreens were made equal. The two most common sunscreen types are chemical and mineral ones. Chemical ones act like a sponge, absorbing the UV light, while mineral sunscreens act as a shield between the sun and your skin. Therefore, mineral sunscreens are more popular and recommended, however, there is no firm evidence that chemical ones are actually harmful, so choosing either one as your first SPF will do, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. But, if you’re still concerned, then feel free to choose a mineral sunscreen. 

Are there any bad ingredients? 

There are some beliefs that the most common sunscreen ingredient titanium dioxide may cause cancer if inhaled, so be sure to avoid aerosol products that contain this ingredient. As for the sunscreen, it’s totally up to you to make that decision. Even though there are some suggestions that chemical sunscreens are bad, it’s safe to say that all the positive aspects of it outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, choosing either is fine, especially if you stay away from the sun and take care of your skin. 

Using the right SPF 

The most important thing your sunscreen needs is to be labeled as “broad spectrum”. That means that it has both UVA and UVB protection, and it could be also worn indoors. If you’re unsure which SPF to choose, then it’s recommended to learn all the important facts about SPF protection, so you’ll be able to make the most informed choice. Usually, choosing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is the best solution, especially if you have a fairer skin type. However, if you have olive or darker skin tone, you should also wear sunscreen to prevent premature aging and other skin problems. 

What about makeup? 

Let’s be honest, makeup products are important, especially if you’re struggling with skin imperfections that need to be covered up. But, layering makeup products in the summer isn’t recommended as it can cause breakouts and other skin imperfections, due to heat and sweat. So, it’s recommended to wear less makeup, and if you still need it, then be sure to choose a tinted sunscreen, or wear a foundation that has SPF. If none of these work, then choose a spray-on SPF and apply it after you’re done with layering makeup products. 


Skin is your largest organ, therefore, it definitely deserves protection from harsh sun rays and heat. Having a skincare routine suitable for your skin type is a must, as well as wearing sunscreen every day. In case you plan to spend a lot of time outside, then be sure to reapply it every two hours, so your skin will be protected and safe from harmful sun rays. 

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