Thoughtful Ways to Support Veterans

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There are nearly 18 million veterans in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s almost 7 million Americans! In addition to the Veterans Day holiday, what are you doing to support veterans?

There are many ways to help veterans, including challenge coins and volunteering at a local VA facility. You can also be active with homeless military members or those who need a service animal.

Here’s more on how you can support veterans in your community.

Challenge Coins

Present military members with a challenge coin. When you have a military challenge coin, it proves you are part of the group of ‘those who served.’ 

A challenge coin shows that you served in a squadron or military unit. Since World War I, military members have used the coins to thank people for their service. 

Learn challenge coin rules here.

Volunteer at a VA Facility

Throughout the U.S., plenty of healthcare facilities specifically treat veterans. These places take on volunteers to help veterans to show veteran support. Regardless of your skill set, you can help veterans in countless ways. 

For example, you can display veteran support at a retirement home by performing around holidays. You can volunteer to help veterans with art, painting, or crafts.

Another way to help veteran support and those who served is to transport military members to medical appointments. 

Help Homeless Veterans

There are roughly 38,000 homeless veterans in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Homeless vets often struggle with employment or substance abuse. Veteran support can also help with food and clothing. 

Moreover, you can provide veteran support to those at risk of losing their home. Show veteran support by helping them with legal advice or guide them towards advocacy groups to help them stay in their home. 

Service Animals

A service animal helps with veteran support for those with PTSD or physical injuries. They make daily tasks easier.

Service animals give people freedom. They allow veterans to shop at the grocery store or visit friends and family. In addition, they also provide comfort and peace of mind as a companion. 

Hire a Vet

Do you own a small business, or are you in executive leadership at your company? 

Take the initiative to hire veterans. Create an outreach program to recruit veterans to your company actively. 

Attend job fairs or contact the local unemployment office to seek out those with military service. 

Giving a good job to veterans gives them confidence. It may also help them get back on their feet as they transition to civilian life.

Ways to Support Veterans

Ways to support veterans in your community include presenting military challenge coins to vets and volunteering at a VA facility. You can also help homeless vets or work to get vets a service animal. Finally, hiring a vet can be life-changing for those seeking stable employment.

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