The advantages of a tick collar for dog

Tick ​​collar

Contrary to many opinions, a Tick ​​collar is not only a sensible purchase for dogs in the countryside. Rather, the danger of ticks lurks in the middle of the big cities. The tick itself is not only so dangerous because of the possible transmission of pathogens; it is not uncommon for the corresponding puncture sites to become more or less massive.

A tick collar is available from almost all major, well-known manufacturers. It is geared towards the size of each dog. Although many people believe that the size indicated on the package is primarily limited to the circumference of the neck, this is only partially correct.

A tick collar for dogs is always adjustable in size or it can be optimally adapted to the dog’s neck by shortening it. Rather, as with many parasitic treatments, it is more about the amount of the active ingredient. This also depends on the dog’s size, Dog Food and body weight.

Key facts at a glance

A tick collar offers your four-legged friend reliable protection against ticks, fleas and other insects. Here, the parasites are either deterred or killed directly when the animal is touched.

When it comes to tick collars, a basic distinction is made between the chemical and natural variants. In chemical tick collars, nerve poisons are mostly used which are distributed in small doses on the dog’s skin and are only poisonous there for the insects. With the natural variants, you can choose between tick collars with essential oils, effective microorganisms and amber. Even if natural tick collars have a limited effectiveness, they are considered to be less harmful to the dog and its environment.

A tick collar is available in pharmacies, drug stores and pet shops. Numerous online portals, such as Amazon, also carry a whole range of different tick collars. Regarding the price, you should calculate around 15 to 50 USD for a tick collar.

The advantages of a tick collar

A tick collar offers numerous advantages that you and your four-legged friend can only benefit from.

  • A tick collar can be put on comfortably and easily like a normal collar and does not require any additional knowledge at this point. Many of the tick collars are designed so that the dog simply wears them for a longer period of time.
  • Various materials such as leather, ceramic or amber are used for tick collars. This is how you can find the material that your four-legged friend feels comfortable with.
  • The market offers both chemical and natural tick collars. This pays off especially if you don’t want to use chemicals on your own four-legged friend.
  • Tick ​​collars are not only very effective against ticks themselves, but also against other parasites such as fleas or sand flies.
  • Tick ​​collars are available in different price ranges, so you can find them for around 15 as well as for 50 USD.
  • Many of the tick collars are odorless and are easily accepted by the animal.

The disadvantages of a tick collar

If a tick collar offers you numerous advantages, it also has its weak points.

  • In particular, tick collars that use essential oils are not odorless. This can irritate your animal, making it reluctant to wear the tick collar.
  • Even though essential oils are mostly obtained on a natural basis, they can sometimes irritate the animal’s skin. Therefore, the tick collar should initially only be worn and tried out for a short time.
  • Many of the tick collars have insecticides or nerve poisons that are absorbed through the animal’s skin and kill the parasites there. However, these substances can not only harm the insects, they can also cause unpleasant skin irritation on your dog
  • If neurotoxins are used in a tick collar, it is essential that the tick collar is precisely tailored to the size and weight of your animal. This is because the dose of nerve toxin delivered through the tick collar must match your dog.

What every dog ​​owner should know about tick collars

A tick collar for dogs is basically the same as that for cats in terms of its mode of action. In principle, a tick collar also works preventively against fleas in most cases, because where ticks lurk, these little pests are not far away.

Often there are combined preparations, i.e. a combined tick and flea collar. Here, however, it should be borne in mind that it really only helps preventively against fleas. Once the dog has fleas, other means must be found. It is different with the tick. Here the tick collar also helps with an infestation, so that one can speak of such.

Of course, every dog ​​owner should be aware that a tick collar is not always effective for every dog. There are also four-legged friends, because the body simply does not accept the active ingredient.

Therefore, despite the tick collar, it should be checked again and again. Of course, even with such a collar there is the risk that one or the other tick will get lost, but this can also be due to the fact that it is immune to the corresponding active ingredient. In such a case, another active ingredient should be tried.

There are also dogs among those who are allergic to a tick collar. If a new preparation is used for the first time, the dog should be carefully observed, especially in the initial period when the active ingredient concentration is still highest.

The active ingredient effectively forms the coating on the collar and is gradually released, spreads out and, in the best case scenario, provides protection against ticks, as they do not even bite into it.

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