The Best Custom Paintings to Keep Your Memories Alive

If you are thinking about having some of your fondest memories memorialized, why not do so in style with your own custom painting. Think about it for a moment, and there is no better way to capture memories from your life than to paint your life.

People have always done this throughout history, and now thanks to modern advances in technology, it has never been easier or cheaper for you to do the same. There are tons of terrific websites online that specialize in creating the perfect custom portrait.

Whether you are looking to have a photograph painted of yourself, a loved one, a pet, or that awesome holiday you took last Summer; a custom painting is a great way to keep that memory alive. Like the memory, the painting will be for life and would make an excellent gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself.

Portrait of the Family – Adriaan De Lelie

When considering getting a portrait done to represent the most important memories of your or a loved one’s life, a family painting is probably the first thing that comes to mind. As a gift alone, it ticks many of the boxes a great gift should have and is a gift that will be loved for years to come.

Families worldwide have had portraits like this done, and the painting now hangs proudly on the wall in the family home as a symbol of their loving bond. There is no better choice than unique paintings for life.

Many families nowadays live far from one another, so having a portrait of the family is an incredible way to keep their memory close. It is also a great way to keep the memory of a departed family member alive and close to your heart.

A Sunday Afternoon – George Seurat

There is no better memory than a memory shared. Whether it is the memory of your most epic adventure or simply a Sunday afternoon spent strolling in the park, personal moments such as these make us individuals and give substance to our lives.

Whether conscious of it or not, there are things that each of us loves that most others dislike, and there are locations that are uniquely special to you while meaning very little to everybody else. These individualities make us who we are and would make an excellent topic for a custom portrait.

Perhaps there is a special restaurant for you and your significant others or a park in which you walk the dogs every weekend. Whatever the case may be, when you paint your life portrait, having a location that is meaningful to you on your wall will no doubt bring positive vibes and good energy to your or a loved one’s home.

Madonna and the Carnation – Leonardo Da Vinci

Every guardian believes that kids grow up very quickly. And before you know it, your baby has gone off to college and left the house feeling quiet and empty. Time stops for no one unless the moment is captured by a photograph or a custom portrait painting.

These are the two best options for keeping those memories alive. But, unfortunately, in the case of a child’s photographs, they change so much throughout their childhood, and you have so many photos of them that they lose a bit of their overall magic.

This is where a custom painting comes in to save the day. Why not take one photograph of a critical moment from your child’s life, such as their first birthday or first day at school, and have the memory memorialized for life. It would look right at home on any wall in your house and bring strong emotions whenever viewed.

The Bridges of Amsterdam – Leonid Afremov

Out of all of the many memories throughout a person’s life, the holidays taken and travels abroad are some of the fondest ones of them all. Who among us hasn’t looked forward to their holiday weeks before it happened and then reminisced about it for months after it was over.

Yes, the post-vacation syndrome is a real thing. But have no fear. This is more reason to have a portrait commissioned of either your or a loved one’s favorite holiday destination. Then, you can feel like you are back there again every day from the comfort of your very own home.

Some people collect fridge magnets from the countries they visit, but why not go above and beyond and have paintings for life made of all the cities you have visited. This is a beautiful way to add some personality and style to your home while at the same time reminding you just how far you’ve come.

Napoleon Crossing the Alps – Jacques-Louis David

If history is your thing, then here’s a great idea, why not have yourself painted as your favorite historical figure. A re-creation such as this is an incredibly unique and fun way of approaching the challenge of what theme to have for your portrait painting.

This unique option offers lots of opportunities for you to be creative. For example, you could have yourself recreated as any of history’s most famous characters, such as Napoleon. If you are shopping with multiple people in mind, you could have you and your friends recreate a favorite scene with you as the characters.

The possibilities are practically endless, and you can get creative with this. You and your friends could be dogs playing poker or the cast of Da Vinci’s last supper. This is an entertaining way to go about having a portrait done while at the same time creating a whole new memory.


Memories are a vital part of our lives. They make us who we are and bring us comfort at our darkest times. A painting dedicated to one of these memories is an incredible and unique way to remember your life.

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