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Another school that has built an excellent reputation for English training is the Singapore Learning Centre (SLC) which works with adults and children. Apart from education, SLC provides fun after-school activities to keep students engaged in academic learning long after classes have finished.

Since its inception ten years ago, the SLC has helped hundreds of students reach their full potential through studying English at all levels. Some of its most satisfied clients are university undergraduates struggling with written exams because of poor language skills.

These students enrolled at SLC, where they completed a course specially tailored to them. By the time they sat for significant examinations, their mastery was sufficient to earn better grades than expected. Afterward, these same individuals used their newly found confidence to conduct better presentations at work.

Some of the other English learning courses SLC offers are TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT preparation. The school also offers after-class coaching for students preparing for major examinations.

The best English school in Singapore unique method combines group classes with individualized focus to help students understand grammar, vocabulary, reading, or writing concepts. The result is a more substantial knowledge base that enables students to speak with greater fluency in English even during job interviews where stress levels are high.

Other schools that have gained positive reviews from parents are ENGLISH FIRST (EF), Kaplan International Colleges (KIC), and Kumon Learning Centers. Each offers similar course modules as those provided by SLC. However, while parents find these schools more affordable than the SLC, their classes tend to be overcrowded. But there is a simple reason why courses at these institutions are cheaper – most of them teach using the same materials as those used in public schools here in Singapore. Students can also read informational blogs at TheMoneyBees.

Some people have gathered from online reviews that private English language instruction companies sometimes outsource teachers from local public school agencies simply because they’re looking for a bargain instead of providing students with the best education possible.

One top-rated school that has built a strong reputation among Western expatriates is English First (EF). EF is considered one of the best places in Asia for studying English and offers four types of course modules tailored to the different needs of students.

The English First (EF) course modules include:

Basic Elementary English – For those new to studying the language, this module is specifically designed for children and adults who want to learn, practice, and improve their basic speaking, listening, and speaking skills. Students receive training that focuses on all critical components of speaking, including asking questions, answering questions, and building vocabulary through games and activities that use no written materials.

– Pre-Intermediate Intermediate – This particular module may be taken by those who have already completed some English lessons at an earlier stage but would like to build upon what they have learned, such as learning more words or improving grammar to speak better without struggling too much. The focus here includes reading long paragraphs, listening to stories, and answering questions based on what has been read.

– Upper-Intermediate – Those who can speak English at an advanced level but would like to learn more vocabulary and improve their writing skills; the focus here is on building knowledge of grammar rules through intensive reading, practice exercises, and written examinations.

– Business English – This particular module enables students to use professional business language during meetings, discussions, or seminars. It also teaches them how to create presentations using PowerPoint and give brief speeches in front of groups. With this course, they learn how to prepare for these events and how to work with other people inside or outside the company.

The Kumon Learning Center is another school that offers various types of learning modules depending on the needs of students.

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