The best films about gambling

The best films about gambling

Gambling has already become an integral part of our life, and everyone chooses for himself in what form and how much it should be present in your life. Someone prefers to spend a few hours in a casino with a no deposit bonus, and someone prefers to play in slot machines, where you can not only enjoy the game, but also relax in a relaxed atmosphere.
The film industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. Since the creation of the first-ever film “The Scene in the Roundhay Garden” in 1888, we have seen all this on our small screens and in cinemas. But the most intriguing and controversial films of all time are, of course, films about gambling betting sites not part of gamstop.
Gambling movies are risky because they have to tell the story of a gambler who risks everything to play just one round. And although many of them represent the story of the main character ending in victory, it always happens at the expense of something. Meanwhile, the main character’s life always ends in a mess, and this is definitely not what everyone wants to see on their TV screen.

Casino Royale

An MI6 agent not only has to be able to run fast and shoot well, but he also has to be able to play poker. As part of the warm-up, bond wins an Aston Martin in the Bahamas, along with his girlfriend, and then goes to a poker tournament at Casino Royale to defeat the banker-criminal Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). Well, in general there is such a profession-to defend the motherland.


How to rip off the best casinos in Vegas and stay in the shadows? That’s right, gather a team of people who will do everything for you. That’s what Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) does, not for nothing having the fact that he teaches advanced mathematics at MIT, where every student is a genius. For example, trying to save at Harvard Ben (Jim Sturgess), whose head works better than the calculator. And really, don’t let your talent go to waste.

Hangover in Vegas

Dorky Alan (Zach Galifianakis), through whose fault the groom disappeared the day before the wedding and many other interesting things happened, read a book about the game of blackjack in full – and, as it turns out, not for nothing: he easily collected 80 thousand in one evening to save this very groom. For the occasion, he swapped a stained T-shirt for a proper suit, combed his hair-and now he’s a man.
Whether you play ways around gamstop or watch gambling-themed movies, one thing is certain: without casinos, our lives would be dull and dreary. Play and win!

The Affair

Paul Newman and Robert Redford do a con with unscrupulous Chicago mob boss Lonnegan, and we get a classic of the genre with all the aesthetics of the 1930s. it belongs to America. For the plan to succeed, they must defeat the conman Lonnegan at poker. The task is not easy, given that he plays only with his waist and on his own territory, that is, on the train. Well, to get rid of the witnesses, if at all.


Mike (Matt Damon) is studying law, and at night he plays poker in Texas in a place that is nothing like a fancy casino. It’s not just about making money, but-no less, no more-about winning the world series of poker. Thinking with ambition instead of his head, Mike quite predictably loses all his money, urgently giving up poker and promising his fiancee that he will not touch the cards.
But all these promises go to hell when Worm (Edward Norton), Michael’s school friend, to whom he owes many favors, gets out of prison. Why you should not expect anything good from worm, it is already known by a stupid haircut and a satisfied smile.

Ocean’s Eleven

Let ocean and company rob the best casino in Vegas, the game of poker in the film takes place in the back at the bar-Rusty, the character of Brad Pitt, teaches the game to local celebrities. And although, as Rusty tells them, the first rule of poker (not to be confused with the first rule of Fight Club) is to leave emotions behind the door, you can see it in his own face. So the ocean shows up just in time to offer Rusty a really big score.

Sin City 2

Poker is a game for gentlemen, but it also has its place in Sin City, in the room behind the bar at Senator Roark’s table, who has less in common with gentlemen than even the tyrant Marv (Mickey Rourke). Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a debutant who can beat a senator, but understand why not. Or rather, that he understands something, but does not intend to stop. And he shouldn’t, because leaning over Roark is obviously not the best thing to do.


Mark Wahlberg, who has lost a lot of weight, leads a double life: by day he teaches literature, and at night he loses money. By the way, there is no more money, but for this there is a lot of problems and debts. So we need to find out how much it’s really worth. Rules in such games, as usual, no.

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Best Gambling Movies

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