The best MMO projects for a paid subscription

MMO projects have brought maximum diversity to the gaming industry – players have received large, socially active worlds in which each gamer chooses not only a game class, but also the role that he will take in the world.

Many large projects offer access to game worlds for a paid subscription. Players are ambivalent about such decisions, since not everyone has the opportunity to pay a subscription every month, but in fact this is a big plus for the project. A lot of inadequate and uninterested players are cut off from the game servers, and when you order ffxiv boost you will not be disturbed at game locations.

The best MMO projects presented under the paid subscription system:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy 14

World of Warcraft

The main project from the game developer Blizzard, where players are presented with the famous confrontation between the horde faction and the alliance for control of the game continents.

The player is waiting for a lot of add-ons and game activities, in order to fully immerse yourself in the World of Warcraft, you must have purchased the current add-on.

What can you do in WoW

  1. Quest leveling
  2. Professions
  3. Raids and dungeons

Quest leveling

In many MMO projects, game developers focus on quest leveling – this allows you to fill the game world with a meaningful plot, which the player will gradually uncover by studying game locations and getting to know key NPCs.

Starting with the training system, the quest system relieves the player of the need to independently invent ways to level up and study locations for better experience.


Professions in the World of Warcraft play two roles – entertaining, which will help players diversify the gameplay and distract from pumping and raids, and economic – which will help the gamer earn gold and provide himself and the entire server with useful equipment, weapons, potions and auxiliary means.

Players will be able to extract various resources and use them in professions related to the creation of items and weapons. Carry out excavations and find interesting rewards and treasures.

To get away from the bustle of the server, there is fishing and cooking – they play an auxiliary role and do not require serious study, but are essentially pumped by themselves with constant use. Fishing is needed to prepare culinary dishes.

Raids and dungeons

Raids and dungeons play a key role for World of Warcraft players, as they become the logical conclusion of the pumping system. In raids, players unite in groups and fight against really difficult opponents, where you can get rare equipment and weapons for victory. The more difficult the raid, the higher the reward, but also the more players you need to complete and the more coordinated actions will be required to win.

Final Fantasy 14

A sensational project from the 2000s, which is mostly known to console players, since the PC version appeared not so long ago.

Final Fantasy came to the world of MMOs as the main competitor of World of Warcraft, using a similar subscription system and luring some of the players from the already mentioned project.

Final Fantasy has taken on some of the trouble spots seen in WoW, offering gamers cutting-edge graphics and immersiveness and a vibrant storyline with characters from the Final Fantasy universe added for true fans of the series.

What awaits the players:

  • Story line
  • Flight system
  • Activities

Story line

The project offers the player a detailed storyline with the effect of presence – your character will participate in all scenes and independently conduct dialogues. It will take players at least a hundred hours of real time to complete the main story.

Flight system

After completing the tutorial and a series of story quests, the player will unlock new tasks related to flying pets. Completing the quest will bring the gamer the opportunity to obtain and harness a mount that can be flown. Gradually, with the development of the plot and pumping the character of animals on which it will be possible to fly, there will be much more.


Endgame Fantasy 14 offers players a variety of career-related activities to help craft gear and fun.

Of the interesting – players will be able to play casino and mahjong (Japanese dominoes), participate in a fashion show and walk a model along the catwalk. You can master a musical instrument and play using real notes – if you do everything right, other players will hear the melody of your favorite song.

All activities in Final Fantasy are implemented through a mini-game, and in order to be successful, you need to do everything right, otherwise you will fail.

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