The Best Personal Safety Devices for Lone Workers

The Best Personal Safety Devices for Lone Workers

As an employer, you want your employees to be safe at all times. You have a responsibility to protect the well-being of your employees.

Employees who work alone have a higher risk of encountering danger. You have heard the countless news stories of gas station workers who get robbed late at night.

The reality is that danger exists for your employees who work alone. Consider buying personal safety devices for them. Read this guide to learn more about the best personal safety devices available.

Who Needs Personal Safety Devices

Lone worker safety must be a top priority for you if you have employees who work alone. Personal safety devices can track the safety of employees who have a job in which they work alone. The goal is to protect them through these devices.

Who are the employees who need personal safety devices? This includes employees who work in remote locations where there is a low signal. For example, in a mine, there isn’t a good signal.

Phones may not work in a mine. If there is an emergency, the employees can use their safety devices to call for help. Also, think about employees who work in other hazardous environments.

Employees who work with vulnerable or violent individuals can use personal safety devices. This includes nurses and correction officers. Working with such populations contributes to the potential of violence in the workplace.

Wearable and Satellite Lone Worker Protection 

A personal safety device that you should consider is a satellite tracking device. Satellite devices are great for employees who work in areas where communication is an issue.

These employees can wear these devices so employers can track their location through a GPS. Most of these devices offer two-way communication.

Worn devices like this one can offer other benefits, too. If your employees work in an environment where they can be exposed to dangerous gas, you can buy a device that alerts them when gas levels are high.

These devices are hands-free. Employees can clip the device to their safety suit or badge. All they need to do is to remember to bring the fully-powered device with them.

Audible Alarms

Audible alarms are a great way to deter a possible threat. This is a personal safety device that emits an ear-shrieking alarm. Chances are you have heard this type of alarm sound off, so you know the type of effect it can have on a person.

The goal of an audible alarm is to scare off a threat. Whether it’s an animal or person, the alarm does pack a strong noise to deter them from causing any danger.

Audible alarms are inexpensive devices. They can come as stand-alone devices or with a connection. Those that have a connection can emit a signal to a security center or emergency services.

This is about the audible alarms as the security alarms that are inside houses. If there is a threat, the signal will alert law enforcement to the area where the employee is.

Panic Button

A panic button works like an audible alarm, as it helps to alert authorities when someone is in distress. Employees who are in danger or need help can push the panic button. The button activates a request for help.

The panic button will show the location of the person. This personal safety device can identify the exact room and location where the person is. It can also show if the person is on the move.

The beauty of this device is that it gives this information in real-time. This way, you’ll never lose track of your employees.

Plus, the device will help to generate an incident report. The report will show the team’s response time.

The panic buttons are highly accurate as they can prevent drifting. They guarantee floor-level accuracy. They can track as a person moves through stairwells, basements, and parking structures.

Panic buttons for lone workers are cost-effective to use. As an employer, you get to track your workers on an app on your phone. The app will have everything you need to ensure the safety of the workers.

There are various panic buttons you can choose from. You can buy the ones that will best help you protect lone workers.

Lone Worker Monitoring Hub

If you’re looking for employee personal safety devices that you can install throughout the workplace there is the lone worker monitoring hub. This is a safety product that tracks the safety status of your employees.

This device works by sending a notification to the employer when an employee makes an alert. You will get a text and email with the location of the employee. This allows you to help the employee right away.

You can install a monitoring hub in one central location or throughout the facility. If you have several employees working in a large remote location, you can install fixed hubs throughout. This allows you to have coverage throughout the workplace.

The Best Personal Safety Devices on the Market

You have a duty to protect your employees. Don’t take this duty lightly if you have employees working alone. These are the employees who need more protection.

This guide lists some of the best personal safety devices for lone workers. These devices will help to promote the safety and well-being of your employees. You want to have peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

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