The best uses for domes

The best uses for domes

The architectural construct known as a dome has been around for centuries becoming popular in western architecture with the creation of “The Pantheon ” in Rome, Italy. This structure introduced other architects of the time to the elegant structure and soon after throughout history we saw a rise of the use of domes as a common structure. Such structures as The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence finished in 1436, Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem finished in 691 B.C.E., or St. Paul’s Cathedral located in London, finished in the 17th century, were all built in the styling of a dome and served completely different purposes. With the rise of domes throughout history and architecture we would like to go through some of the best uses of domes. 

 As we previously discussed, some of the oldest and most impressive architectural builds are domes because of the fact that domes as a structure are very durable and resistant while being elegantly modern looking. The American Institute of Architects has stated that the dome structure is “the strongest, lightest, and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man”. It is because of those reasons laid out by the American Institute of Architects that we have seen domes hold up throughout history so we can say if your goal is to have a structure that’ll hold up for extended periods of time then a dome is the way to go. The shape is one of the main reasons that domes have held up for a long time while structures of similar age have long since cumbled in time. 

Domes for humanitarian efforts

Domes because of their resilience have been used in humanitarian efforts during natural disasters as temporary structures. We saw domes being used in relief efforts from Katrina to Joplin Missouri after their respective disasters. The shape of the structures allow for heavy winds or rain to slide around the surface while maintaining a relative temperature inside. For those reasons domes have been used by organizations like the Red Cross as temporary relief shelters during crises. During the 2021 Haiti earthquake as well as Hurricane Erma these relief domes were used to battle the weather and keep people safe.  

Domes for projection mapping 360 

In recent times domes have been used for projection mapping because they have the ability to give 360 projection for a completely immersive experience. We have seen instances of incredible designs with domes such as planetariums, whole concert venues, or Las Vegas local business Lumen and Forge hosted the largest projection dome to date as a whole venue to watch the 2019-2020 Super Bowls. These events are among the most impressive and fantastic styles of domes used in the public sphere during the time. 

 Geodesic domes are also very good for personal use, like structures for extended camping, a backyard greenhouse, or extra storage. The structures can be cemented into the ground or anchored to ensure longevity. The exterior lining can be fitted with a multitude of different materials, like a heavy tarp to cover wind and water, or a clear lining to have a greenhouse. 

We have seen many uses of domes throughout history and society with some incredible examples. The uses for a dome go as far as the imagination allows and can be used in so many uses. 

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