The best way to find health insurance that is right for you in Switzerland

The best way to find health insurance that is right for you in Switzerland

Switzerland’s mandatory basic insurance is enough to ensure excellent medical care for all its residents. It is a fact that Swiss citizens pay more than other developed counties for their healthcare facilities, though there are several reasons for this. During health insurance comparison, it may appear too complex or complicated, especially for first-time applicants, but with due care and research, it is possible to arrive at the best possible plan for your unique healthcare requirements. 

Basic Compulsory Health Insurance

Government-mandated insurance for all citizens requires every resident to sign up for an insurance plan within three months of entering the country. It is your responsibility to do a health insurance comparison as per the official and third-party insurance data, so you can consider all the relevant factors in making your choice. Compulsory insurance usually covers almost all outpatient visits, inpatient visits, accident insurance, pregnancy care, and childbirth. You can refer to the data published by the Federal Office of Public Health for updated information about the insurance providers, premiums, and a complete list of benefits covered by different insurance policies. Basic insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of your risk profiles, and independent of gender, income, or any other health risks too. 

How to choose the right health insurance provider for you

The Swiss health sector is decentralized and is regulated at the state level. During a health insurance comparison, make sure that you refer to the data published by your cantonal or state agencies about the authorized health insurance providers in Switzerland for your canton of residence. Insurance has to be considered comprehensively including basic, and supplementary insurance, rather than just focus on reducing the premiums. You can choose to change your basic insurance provider if you find a better option after a regular health insurance comparison, but it is permitted only once a year. Focus on the entire policy period rather than just short-term savings. 

Advantages of a health insurance comparison website

Official insurance data published by agencies cover all relevant and updated information about insurance providers, coverage, benefits, premiums, etc. But this can not only become overwhelming for you, it may also complicate health insurance comparison so you make wrong and unnecessary choices. That is why you will have to leverage additional resources to help your search for the best rates and insurance coverage in Switzerland. 

The premiums have been rising quite fast even though income levels have not been able to keep up with the rate of increase. Coverage is also changing in response to different factors, so it can become difficult for you to stay up-to-date on these factors which influence your premium costs without compromising on your healthcare coverage. 

You can visit independent third-party websites to leverage their tools in the search of the right insurance policy that is customized to your unique healthcare needs. When you are performing a health insurance comparison, remember that your basic insurance will have limitations of hospitalization, emergency treatment, and even preferred modes of alternative therapies that you may have to require supplementary insurance. 

The right health insurance comparison website[in German] should be able to help you identify all your insurance coverage requirements, and calculate risks vs. returns for all your choices in an independent manner. 

Choosing the right Health Insurance Comparison website

The perfect health insurance comparison website should help you not only in saving on premiums but also in ensuring coverage for all the relevant benefits as per your risk profile. Don’t be tempted by the first offer or quote, since it is important to consider the fine print of terms and conditions for each policy. The website should be able to highlight the most relevant parts of the policy when making the choice. 

Supplementary insurance premiums often vary on the basis of your location, age, deductibles, co-payments, and other factors. 

From the website, you should be able to calculate optimum deductibles, co-payments, and other liabilities. In fact, most websites will help you understand your risk profiles and invite quotes from different insurance providers for you to consider as a whole. With supplementary insurance, you should be able to gain insights into additional factors such as customer satisfaction, company personnel responsiveness, reimbursement policies, premium payment flexibility, etc., all of which play an important role in balancing health insurance coverage with low costs. 


Government insurance data can be quite exhausting and overwhelming. Even then, it may not provide the complete picture of how you can access healthcare and what you can expect in dealing with them in medical emergencies. This is why the right health insurance comparison website can help you fill the gaps in identifying your requirements and provide the best plan for you to respond as quickly as possible. Make sure that you choose your preferred insurance models, healthcare networks, experts, and more, so you know you are in safe hands when availing of Switzerland’s healthcare infrastructure and services.

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