The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing According to the Experts

The marketing landscape is never the same as it keeps changing and evolving. Digital marketers need to stay ahead of the advancing technology, shifts in consumer behavior and buying preferences, and the latest trends in marketing strategies. 

Every single business across the globe has the capability to exploit the benefits of digital marketing to expand its operations. However, it is only possible if you follow the basic dos and don’ts of effective digital marketing, and this guide can come in handy to understand them better.

Do: Know Your Audience

Digital marketing is unique to everyone, and while learning from the strategies of competitors is helpful, strictly following in their footsteps will bear no results. Whether you are an experienced marketeer or just starting out, you should know that not everyone will engage and convert into a long-term client or sale. 

Research thoroughly on your target audience and build a vast collection of literature on the following: 

  • Buyer personas
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Typical Behavior 
  • Demographics 
  • Taste

Take initiatives, strategize and carry out A/B testing to narrow down your target audience’s preferences. Effective digital marketing turns every view into a sale!

Don’t: Keep Using the Same Strategy

It may seem like building a strategy is the end of the marketing process, but it is, in fact, just the beginning. You will be conducting regular tests and keeping track of the performance of the ads. While it is tempting to use the same successful strategy, it may not be as efficient anymore for the changing digital landscape. 

Hiring a professional can allow you to use advanced tools and techniques to boost your growth. The benefit of hiring a professional for digital marketing is that they do not have to be from your locality. You could employ the services of a digital marketing agency in New Orleans, and they will be able to assist you ideally from thousands of miles away. This approach will only be successful with effective communication.

Do: Develop a User-Friendly Website

Your website is one of the most valuable assets of your business. The marketing strategies being implemented on social platforms and search engines are designed to lead potential buyers to the website. Since the attention is being focused on your online presence, it should be a seamless and comfortable experience for any user.

The website should follow a color palette that represents your brand. It should be visually appealing and host a good mix of original blog posts, infographics, pictures, and videos to improve the user’s experience.

Pro Tip: Always follow the 3-second rule! It is reported that if your website does not load in under 3 seconds, you will likely lose the potential buyer’s attention. Ensure that your website loading times are no longer than 5 seconds.

Don’t: Sacrifice Quality for Volume

Quality over quantity every time! Social platforms understand that if the audience connects emotionally with the content, its frequency does not matter as long as it is valuable and captivating enough. Ensure that the content you are putting out maintains its quality. The right content will generate brand loyalty! Pumping out low-quality content and spamming your audience to keep the numbers up will result in your platform being shadowbanned. 

Do: Engage with Existing and Potential Customers

Building a personal relationship with customers is not limited to blog posts and can be done far more effectively with customer support. Whether it is your own messaging app or a chat option on the website, interacting with your customers and answering their queries in a timely manner will significantly improve customer satisfaction.

The data from these conversations can be analyzed to gain critical insights into your customers. You can produce improved products or provide better services to develop a personalization for your brand.

Don’t: Relying on One Platform

Your audience is not limited to a single social platform, and it is crucial that you devise a marketing strategy that caters to every available opportunity. Focusing your efforts on a single channel will limit your reach. Ensure that you are making use of every platform, both offline and online, to expand your reach. Offline digital channels include newspapers, billboards, television, and radio.

Do: Optimize Your Marketing Strategies for Smartphones

Have a look around; nearly everyone around you is using a mobile device. The palm-friendly devices have taken over the bulky laptops and computers. There are more than 4.66 billion active mobile internet users across the globe. The usage of mobile devices is not slowing down, and it is essential that you optimize your marketing strategies to cater to mobile users. 

Website indexing for smartphones works differently, and the blog posts, images, infographics, and videos on your website should be mobile-friendly in order to rank on the first page of search engine results. 

Don’t: Ignore Queries on Email 

Email marketing is not dead yet, and if there is a call to action on the landing page of your website, potential buyers will likely reach out to you via email with queries. A prompt response to them will build a more personal relationship, and it will help you build an email list to keep your potential buyers updated regarding any new launches, discounts, and events!

Do: Research Your Competitors

Knowing your audience is not enough, and you should be aware of the competition in the market. Investing in digital marketing requires you to build a strong brand image. Always be on the lookout for the strategies your competitors are implementing and focus on developing your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t: Ignore the Value of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to optimize the technical configuration of a website. It increases the content relevance and link popularity so that the website and its contents are more relevant, not difficult to find, and rank higher on search queries of users. SEO can generate thousands of views for your brand, which can later be turned into revenue by using sales strategies

Even though digital marketing can be challenging, it should always be the primary focus of every business’s marketing strategy. Before the invention of the internet, businesses did not have a way to connect and engage with their customers. However, with the advancement of technology, it is time to understand the benefits of digital marketing and its potential to boost your company’s growth.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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