The Era of Online Teaching

The Era of Online Teaching

The layoffs, recession that resulted out because of one of the strictest lockdowns we faced during April 2020 to almost September 2020 and again in April 2021 as imposed in our country has lifted everyone’s attention towards acquiring jobs to continue livelihood through the online hunt.

Many are still studying in colleges and are far from receiving their professional degrees in need of jobs. The best way to get it easily and start earning without graduation is to find employment online through teaching in their expertise.

Teaching conducted online is one great and more realistic way of earning money to carry out livelihoods and come out of an economic recession that the pandemic has put us all in.

To carry out any profession especially teaching, one needs to know about the profession more than anything. So here, firstly, we will talk about precisely what the term “Online Teaching” refers to.

What is meant by Online Teaching?

If we instead go for simple meaning, it would be described as teaching conducted online using internet services.

“But is it always limited to this only”?

We have seen many examples where the lectures have been incorporated into a device that further helps students go through those lectures, even offline.

So, there should be a reasonable definition there, so get it straight what online teaching in technical terms refers to.

There is no doubt that the internet is an important aspect when we describe online teaching, whether the lectures are available on a device from before or not. Although there are some strict bases on which these practices are different from the traditional practices. The following are:

  • Usage of the Internet, whether for academics or administration or anything.
  • No in-person or physical classes conducted
  • The use of Electronic media is a must here.

 For easy understanding, we are framing out a definition below

Online teaching is a way of imparting education to students with the ambient use of the internet. One can conduct classes on platforms like one-to-one video calls, Seminars, recorded sessions provided, and group video calls.

One beautiful advantage of online teaching sites imparting education and learning is that they can be operated from anywhere, be it home, office, cafes, or anywhere one thinks suitable and comfortable for them to conduct these classes.

Online teaching also enables administrating enrolments from various geographical domains and students from various backgrounds as well. If to be concluded in a single word, we would like to term this online teaching as a form of teaching which is not Location-specific.

While this location-specific feature has remained one of the problematic and disadvantageous to traditional education and teaching styles, in addition to online teaching, it has become more global and easily accessible for each section and community, providing educational benefits and remarkable social interactions. It also encouraged making students more socialize and impart rational thinking and critical analysis skills into them as they witness their fellow mates from various communities or teachers from various geographical domains and take part in educational debates and other online educational seminars.

The way of teaching also ensures that a messaging platform is used for sharing resources so that adequate time management can be done. The resources are also shared through PowerPoint presentations and video demonstrations which are more profitable as students memorize and remember these videos more than the traditional notes making and stuff.

One of the most popular educational experts said that “We need learning to people instead of people to learning.” Online teaching and life skills education is the way forward to the current problems and should be encouraged globally.

Written by Frederick Jace

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