The Fascinating World of Side Loaders

The Fascinating World of Side Loaders

What is a side loader? And what are they used for? If you have questions about these machines, we have the answers. A side loader is a versatile piece of machinery that assists in the loading and offloading of containers. Side loader transport can be arranged to help limit loading time and make the job run more smoothly.

In today’s article, we are going to look at the definition of a side loader and find out more about these fascinating machines. If you’re looking for a side loader Melbourne has a wide variety to choose from.

Side Loader Defined

A side loader is sometimes referred to as a self-loading trailer. It allows workers to offload containers from the side, instead of the front. The machines can manoeuvre directly next to the truck, ship or container it needs to offload.

This is an important feature because it makes the job so much easier. The side loader can be loaded from the ground level. This makes it much safer than using a crane. It’s usually loaded onto a truck and then driven to where it needs to be.

The fact that it only requires one operator greatly reduces the costs involved.

A Host of Benefits

There are many benefits to using a side loader. These include:

  • They require less room to turn which makes them ideal to operate in small spaces
  • The machine can drive up beside the truck and unload from ground level
  • It’s safer as the load faces the same direction that the truck drives in
  • There is little risk of it tipping over because the weight of the load is distributed more evenly
  • The driver always has an unobstructed view of the road
  • The ability to move in up to four different directions

Can’t a forklift do the same job? In some cases, a forklift can be used to accomplish these tasks. The only risk involved is a forklift isn’t as balanced. If the load is too heavy, there is more risk of it tipping over. This can be extremely dangerous.

When do You Need a Side Loader?

A side loader allows you to load and offload trucks, trains, ships or trains directly from the ground level. It can easily move heavy containers from one truck to another. Furthermore, they can stack containers on top of each other and even transport them to where they need to be.

The best part is the speed at which the job can be completed. A job that could easily take two hours can be accomplished in five minutes.

Why You Should Consider a Side loader

This clever piece of machinery can handle heavier loader without the risk of tipping over. As the forks lift the container from the central point, it keeps the load level. Then the forks slowly lower the container to where it needs to be.

Another fascinating feature is the fact that the machine can tip in a horizontal direction. This makes loading it easier. The built-in deck-levelling makes it ideal for working on uneven ground and easy to move around on a small worksite.

Safety is the First Priority

Keeping your workers safe on the job site is one of the most important aspects of being a site manager. Using heavy machinery comes with its own set of risks. One of the reasons side loaders are growing in popularity is because of their safety features.

Should Your Business Invest in a Side Loader?

There are many advantages to owning a side loader. If you’re in the transport business, then buying a side loader should make your job a lot easier. Does your business own a crane? A side loader is even more useful than a crane. Other advantages include:

  • Moving biohazardous materials without any risk
  • Lift up to 120 tons with ease
  • Save time by offloading directly onto the ground
  • Less risk of danger and injury to your workers
  • Small but tough and durable
  • Built to be long lasting
  • Known for its reliability
  • Doesn’t need much maintenance

What’s the Difference Between a Side loader and a Reach Truck?

The main difference between the two is that a reach truck was designed to work inside a warehouse. A side loader can manoeuvre easily in small spaces and has two outer legs that help keep the machine from tipping over. The way the driver sits is unique because they sit sideways. This is because the drive wheel is located under the driver’s seat.

A reach truck is a much smaller machine and can’t transport containers over a long distance. If you only need to move boxes around inside a warehouse, then a reach truck could be sufficient.

Final Thoughts

If you need a machine to make your job easier when it comes to loading and offloading containers, then you should consider purchasing a side loader. This machine can replace many other machines on your worksite and allows you to offer side loader services and get the job done at a much faster rate.

Consider the alternatives, and then decide if this is the tool your business has been waiting to purchase.


Written by Addison Taylor

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