The fields and professions that have been simplified with the addition of tech

This article examines the numerous engineering and product design fields and professions which have been enhanced, simplified and actually democratized with the inclusion and widespread use of the most appropriate technology. With the right software, design applications or virtual reality online guidance, many more people can interact and engage in these fields and professions than ever before.

 PCB design and manufacture

One of the aspects of industrial design that has been remarkably influenced by technology is the design creation and production of the humble printed circuit board.  In the past, circuit board design was the specific realm of highly qualified and experienced electrical engineers. Considering that the chip or printed circuit board is the basis of all electrical devices and product’s, the electrical engineer became the gatekeeper to this cornerstone of electrical and digital innovation. Indeed, how things have changed, and not only can you easily design and theorize as to the precise PCB that your electrical product, device or application requires, but you can quite easily make them yourself. A large part of this is the availability of cost effective and easy to understand software.

Infrastructure design and 3D modelling and printing

Modern software, 3D modelling, and computer aided design is now the mainstay of all infrastructural design creation and building. Calculations and the parameters of physics can be more closely and accurately computed using modern software and design led by well programmed computers. Furthermore, it is also possible to now print and create actual working models to precise scale using 3D printing. This allows an entirely new group or sector of people to be able to design create and test aspects of infrastructure, housing, and product design.

Medical and healthcare solutions

Modern medical and health innovation has come a long way resulting in smart wearable healthcare tech being at the forefront of proactive well-being and health. Fitness and health tracking has unobtrusively been able to become a constant companion for those that need it. This has made remote patient monitoring a reality and one that is able to both save money and lives. Digital therapeutics is also a huge part of the advances in healthcare and patient care. The ability for medical professionals to positively impact a patients wellbeing no matter where they are, using an app or a specific program of action that can be accessed via a smart phone or smart wearable tech, such as a smart watch is now a possibility and fast becoming the norm.

Artificial intelligence is also being used to determine cures after the detailed analysis of historical patient data and records. We are thus in a period of enhanced and progressive medical care and attention then we have ever been able to access in the past, and all thanks to the continued inclusion of technology and digitization.

Teaching and learning

There is now the ability to teach and or learn from anywhere in the world provided there is sufficient Internet connection and online access to the materials or trainer. This is one of the biggest impacts that technology has had on the last decade and the rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)  as well as a number of alternative short free courses in tech, design and IT has seen the knowledge of technical aspects related to many different professions come to the fore. Furthermore, both virtual reality and augmented reality have created an environment wherein even the most practical of skills can be trained or learned in the online space. The teaching and learning space has thus been one of the most impacted spheres of modern life that has been enhanced and improved with the various bits of software and hardware that have been designed around the sector.

Additional considerations that impact engineering and tech R and D

The shifting of engineering and tech R&D (research and development) and the testing process and phases to US multinational companies in emerging economies means that more can get done at a cheaper rate. Places like Israel, India and Africa have seen huge investment in tech and are used for a more efficient source of testing, research and development for all forms of technological improvements and advances. This has managed to take most technological improvements to the next level and deepen the impact of software and Information technology on most of the careers and professions that abound in the information age.

Integrated and shared design

The ability to make use of expertise from around the globe is now a reality in all fields of engineering. Using cloud-based platforms and share work in real time, designers are able to source and use advice from experts around the world. Also known as collaborative engineering this process of creation and design allows those professionals with the required skills to be able to contribute to a design and industrial engineering process and product no matter where they are.

Automation, AI and increased levels of tech create rather than destroy jobs

For the longest time there has been an ongoing narrative that suggested that increasing technology and information technology in particular, in the form of artificial intelligence and automation was going to destroy jobs. The contrary has actually been proven to be truer. The addition of the most appropriate information technology and software managed processes in any industrial and production process is able to both free up labor for more human jobs as well as then requiring more highly trained workers who will be able to maintain and understand the new technologies.


In conclusion, it is clear that with the addition of the appropriate technology, numerous fields and professions such as engineering and design, teaching and healthcare have been enhanced. In fact, not only have they been enhanced, but the inclusion of technology has also democratized and simplified those aspects of modern life that were previously, specifically governed understood and controlled by engineers. Long may this process continue and the sooner you look to tech as a means to improve your own role, the better you will be in the long term.

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