The Importance and Market Prospects of Solar Energy in Africa

The future progress of Africa is a theme of great importance for global enhancement. Africa is the world’s 2nd most densely-populated and fastest-growing mainland and is expected to account for more than a quarter of the global population in the Mid-21st century. As a result, Africa will struggle to face an increasing number of resource pressure, in this way, the use of solar energy, as a renewable resource, is the most appropriate method to solve Africa’s energy demand. In this blog post, we will discuss the many advantages of harnessing solar energy in Africa.

The Many Advantages of Solar Energy

International Situation

The global clean energy transition offers new hope for Africa’s economic and social development, and if managed properly, emerging sectors such as renewable energy, key minerals, and green hydrogen offer strong growth potential. Against a backdrop of falling clean technology costs and shifting global investment patterns, increased international ambition to reduce emissions could help set a new direction for the global energy industry. African countries will benefit from these trends and attract increasing amounts of climate finance.

Government Support

In recent years, many African governments have paid attention to the development of the renewable energy industry to get rid of the dependence on fossil fuels, formulated and introduced relevant industrial policies, and put much effort into attracting investment.

Market Prospect

UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, recently issued the Global Status Report on Renewable Energy 2022, showing that despite the effect of the novel coronavirus pandemic. In 2021s, the off-grid product of solar energy sales reached about 7 million units in Africa, the largest solar energy market around the world.


Providing affordable energy to all Africans is a priority. Currently, 43 percent of the African population does not have access to electricity, and these populations are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa. More importantly, the development of the renewable energy industry not only helps to ease the power shortage of African countries but also provides a new impetus for Africa’s economic and social development. According to the UN report, the transition to clean energy can boost economic development, and Africa’s continued push to use renewable energy will create about 12 million jobs.

Resource Transformation

An energy system centered on renewable energy can help address many social, health, economic, and environmental challenges facing Africa. A profound energy transition is not only feasible but essential for a climate-secure future that fulfills the privilege of sustainable development. Renewable energy is the crux to solving energy poverty, delivering needed energy services that don’t harm health or ecosystems, and transforming economies to support Africa’s development of industrialization.

Resource Advantage

Africa has 60% of the world’s best solar resources, but only 1% of the world’s installed solar PV capacity. Flexibility is the key to integrating more variable renewable energy sources, with grid interconnection, hydropower, and natural gas power plants playing an important role. In particular, the development of new solar technology is changing the way that every life, Africa is intended to be the focus of the rapid growth of the global solar industry, and new energy products that meet the local solution often get attention.

Solar Advantage

We are bathed in sunlight every day, and solar energy is the most common energy, using solar energy to solve problems such as waste of resources is very effective. As a company that provides solar energy solutions for families and enterprises, Huawei has put forward a lot of suggestions in terms of home photovoltaic systems. Systems like Huawei Power-M can be said to have outstanding advantages, saying farewell to load reduction and comprehensive replacement warranty, convenient and quick installation, making the life of African people more convenient, and solar solutions south africa are in progress.


Africa has a huge region with abundant solar resources, which can attract investment of several types. So, African solar energy application products have broad market prospects.

Written by Francis Underwood

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