The Most In-Demand Software and Data Recovery Services You Can Do Yourself

The Most In-Demand Software and Data Recovery Services You Can Do Yourself

Nowadays, almost every PC user has at least once ordered some services associated with software or data recovery. If you look at the most in-demand services among the population, you will be surprised because many of them can be done without professional help. Today, we will talk about the services people pay for, which can be done by everyone independently.

The Most In-Demand IT Services

1)   Installation of a new operating system

It often happens that people experiencing problems with their laptops order the installation of a new operating system. However, the problem is not always in the OS. Sometimes, it is just enough to clean the cash, delete all the trash files, and optimize the storage space to speed up the device. Still, if you are sure that your PC needs a re-installation of the operating system, you can do it yourself. You will need a stable internet connection and enough free storage space. Sometimes, it is necessary to install the OS on a new PC. Before you are going to move Outlook contacts to new computer, you will need to install the OS from the flashcard or the hard drive. It can be done by everyone.

2)   Cleaning the OS from system trash

Microsoft is trying to increase the functionality to the maximum, but all this also has a downside — you have to pay for this with the amount of RAM, constant access to the hard disk, and the great workload of the central processor. But not everyone needs full functionality. Before ordering the professional cleaning, you can try to do the following:

  • check your computer for unnecessary programs and delete them;
  • check what is loaded when the computer starts up, and change the settings;
  • disable unnecessary Windows services;
  • turn off background applications;
  • disable Disk Defragmenter;
  • Disconnect the Xbox Game DVR, etc.

All these steps should improve the performance of your PC.

3)   Data recovery

Most businesses and individuals store photo and video materials, text files, databases in electronic form. Since electronic devices can periodically fail, the information recovery service is always popular. Once faced with such a problem, many people prefer to store copies of all information on cloud servers. This is also our recommendation to you: instead of paying for data recovery, it is better to prevent such situations from happening.

4)   Installation of programs

It may seem strange, but there are still many people who do not know how to install specific programs on their PCs. The services of IT specialists in small businesses are no less in demand. Small companies and private entrepreneurs often order configuration and maintenance of 1C: Enterprise, 1C: Accounting, and other programs. True, constant outsourcing is expensive for them, so they prefer a one-time call of specialists.

We believe that in the 21st century all these tasks can be done without the involvement of specialists. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us.

Written by Frederick Jace

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