The Novelties of Transportation During the Latest Years in Cincinnati

Recent years have become the period of development for transportation in Cincinnati. There have been so many changes that we decided to demonstrate in this article. Here we will analyze all the recent novelties of transportation. Furthermore, as some changes are only in the planning stage, we’ll tell you about them too for you to be prepared. Let’s jump into it.

Bell Connectors – a new kind of green public transport

First on our list will be Cincinnati’s most famous public transport innovation – Bell Connectors. It’s the default electric street car. Bell Connectors have a strict route to follow, such as buses. The route includes 18 stations, with each having a vending machine to buy tickets. Every tourist or resident can use it to travel around downtown. It’s an indispensable tool to save time during your city tour. Bell Connectors are fully electric, so it’s also some kind of eco-tourism. Prices are low as well. One-hour ride will cost you only 1$, while the full-day ticket will cost you 2$. 

Bell Connectors are available only in Downtown. That’s because the government wants to decongest the roads in Downtown. Our team believes that someday, Bell Connectors will drive all around Cincinnati and become an eco-friendly replacement for buses. 

New rental services are here now

During past years loads of car rental services opened the doors for Cincinnati residents. One of them is Hertz. It’s one of the three largest suppliers of USA cars for rent. Founded in 1918, it’s a worldwide famous and trustworthy company. And now Hertz Cincinnati is available for everyone living or visiting this magnificent city.

Car rental is ready to download 

Due to the COVID epidemic, most of the available services went online. Some facilities decided to continue developing in this way and created their own applications. is delighted to announce that now it also has its own app. Now, comparing prices becomes even more convenient, as you can do it with your phone only. Let’s not forget about other benefits you’ll get with our service. All website advantages were transferred into the mobile app, including:

  1. Free cancellation;
  2. Greatest discounts;
  3. 24/7 customer support;
  4. Safe payments;
  5. No hidden fees.

Cincinnati subway – a dream or foreseen future?

We can’t inspect Cincinnati transportation novels without talking about the subway. For those of you who don’t know much about it, the history of the Cincinnati subway is comprehensive and unfortunately yet unfinished. The first attempt to build it was made almost 100 years ago, in 1924. After that, there were a few attempts to restart the project, but they were unsuccessful. 

As time passed by, old tunnels became a residence for homeless people or urbanist fans, while the subway converted into a dream of every Cincinnati citizen. Unfortunately, there are no plans to revive the project now, so probably the subway in Cincinnati will continue to be only a fantasy.

Cincinnati Metro opens new routes to unserved regions

Cincinnati Metro is one of the suppliers of public transport in the city. Recently, in 2020, it received a tax levy and new investments and immediately started the redevelopment. This program was called Reinventing Metro. It suggests:

  • Creating new amenities;
  • Waiting time reduction;
  • Opening new routes.

Recently, Cincinnati Metro decided to create an on-demand service for people who live in regions that are not served by public transport. The propositions will be similar to getting cars for rental USA. As we speak about buses, it’ll have some specifics. There will be buses that responsible for a particular region. It will have a strict route with a schedule, yet, upon the request of the client, it’ll stop at the requested bus station to pick up the person. The idea is that such innovation will not only provide people with buses but also make public transportation faster and more flexible.


As you can see, despite the coronavirus pandemic, transportation in Cincinnati continues its development. Indeed, there are still a lot of things that need to be changed. But, we hope that in the unforeseen future, all problems will be solved, and Cincinnati will hit a new level of transportation.

Written by Francis Underwood

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