The Top 5 Most Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix Them

Did you know that when using a Macbook 97% of users consider themselves to be more productive?

Unfortunately, as with all devices, Macbooks can run into problems. This means that your productivity could be hindered. Thankfully, though, most Macbook problems are easy to fix.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Macbook, then this article is for you. Here are five common Macbook problems and how to fix them.

  1. Slow Performance

One cause of slow performance is poor Macbook organization. For example, having too many background applications running at the same time. You can check this by opening your Macbook’s Activity Monitor.

To find the Activity Monitor go to Applications > Ultilites > Activity Monitor. From here you can see which applications are taking up your CPU, disk, and memory space. Closing these applications will likely improve device performance.

Another cause is that you’re laptop doesn’t have enough storage space. This means it cannot access extra space for processing. An easy fix for this is to delete unwanted files and create more space.

Although Macbook pictures only have a small file size, they all add up and can be a huge factor in taking up storage. Using software for photo organizing is a great way to free up some extra space.

  1. Overheating

One major Macbook issue is how hot it can get, followed by its loud fan noise. If it gets too hot too much, this can negatively affect overall performance. In some cases, it can cause damage to your Macbooks battery.

One simple way to combat overheating is to improve ventilation. To do this, you should avoid using your Macbook on beds and cushions, or any surface that may block airflow.

The best surface to use a Macbook on is a desk or a laptop stand. This will allow the corners of your laptop to remain raised and allow for ventilation.

  1. Low Battery Life

After charging, your Macbook should run for 4-6 hours. This number may vary depending on usage. But if your laptop battery is running down faster than it should be, there may be several fixes.

One way is to ensure that you’re not running too many applications at the same time. This can have a massive impact on battery life.

Another way is to turn off unnecessary animations such as the docks hiding feature. To turn animations off go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display, and tick ‘Reduce motion’.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Another common Macbook problem is Bluetooth devices failing to connect. This can often happen when trying to pair non-Apple devices to your laptop.

To fix this hold the Option + Shift keys and then click the Bluetooth icon in the top right of the taskbar. Then click ‘Reset the Bluetooth module’, followed by ‘yes’ on the confirmation prompt.

Your Bluetooth devices should automatically reconnect and any issues should be solved.

  1. Unable to Run Non-Apple Software

You may have found that you’re unable to download some third-party software onto your Macbook. This is a standard security feature of Mac devices and can be changed in system preferences.

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Then click the padlock icon and enter your password to enable changes. After, under the ‘General’ tab, tick the ‘App Store and identified developers’ butter.

Have You Solved Your Macbook Problems?

After reading through this brief guide, your Macbook problem-solving skills should have improved. You should now be able to easily fix these common Macbook problems.

If you found this guide helpful, make sure to check out the rest of our content.

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