The Ultimate Guide To The Best Earring For Men In 2022

Whether or not what’s in your closet is dictated by what’s going on at Fashion Week, or if you couldn’t care less, the fact is that trends born on the runway will influence your style. Earrings for men are about to have a big moment if design powerhouses like Italian label Valentino and luxury streetwear favorite Vetements have been any indicator. However, men’s earrings are more of an evergreen style statement than a trend for some celebrities.

The Best Men’s Earrings In 2022:

Are you ready to explore the world of men’s earrings? You’ll come across the following varieties on your search for cool ear bling.

  1. Men’s Stud Earrings

If it’s only your lobe gazing down the cannon’s barrel, you’ll get pierced with a simple stud. You’ll have to wear it for almost eight weeks complete while the hole gets better. After that, take the stud out and the hole will seal up. So, you’ll have to accept this look whether you’re a hoop man or not.

  1. Men’s Hoop Earrings

Consider the 2000’s look of David Beckham and today’s appearance of Romeo Beckham, who appears to have robbed his father’s jewelry box. Hoops are a bit bolder than studs, but they’re also the most comfortable option. If you get there, you’ll never want to remove a set of fittingly named ‘sleeper’ earrings (designed for wearing at night).

  1. Men’s Dangle Earrings

This is the most daring of the men’s earring options, requiring sartorial guts or desire to peacock. Johnny Depp had rocked dangle earrings even before it had been essential to preface his name with the word “problematic.” More recently, look to Rob Lowe from the 1980s for inspiration.

  1. Men’s Clip-Ons

Clip-on earrings are a great alternative if you don’t want to have a complete piercing. They’re just as fashionable and need far low commitment. Clip-ons are available in various shapes and designs, making them appropriate for almost any event. One disadvantage is that the clip-on pinch earlobe keeps them in place, which can cause discomfort after a while.

  1. Men’s Magnetic Earrings

One more option for drilling a hole in the ear is to use magnetic earrings. They’re similar to clip-on in that they can be worn even without a piercing, but they have a magnet at the back and also the front. Place the earring on your ear and leave the rest to the magnetism.

This style for males looks great with studs, but you might also see a dangly earring. If you choose anything too hefty, the earring can start to fall out of your ear, revealing your secret.

To Sum Up!

In the end, we can say that earrings for men can get used in various ways depending on your particular style and the occasion. You can also attempt to align your earrings’ metal to the metal of your dress. Consider a pair of gold earrings if you have a belt with a gold buckle. It’s all about figuring out what looks best on you. But, don’t forget to remove your dangly earrings at the gym and keep them clean and sterilized to avoid infection.

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