The Ultimate Traeger Grill Finder: Simplifying Your Search

Traeger launched its first grill 25 years ago. This grill used wood pellets rather than charcoal or gas to provide reliable heat, and the grill master could regulate the temperature by altering the volume of pellets placed in the ignitor. Thanks to this design, a person could use their grill as a smoker, preparing meats for hours, or as a grill, fixing a meal in little time. All they would need to do is push a few buttons.

Over the years, the company has improved its offerings. Today, it is one of the biggest names in the pellet grill industry, thanks to its many grill options. However, these options can leave a consumer confused as to which model they should buy. The following guide will be of help to anyone who needs help finding a Traeger grill.

Grill Specifications

When comparing grills, look at the specifications of each model. Compare the cooking surface area, the number of grates, the maximum temperature, and the hopper capacity. In addition, check the weight and assembled dimensions. Ensure the desired model will fit in the space where it will be placed.

The cooking surface area is important, as the grill master wants to be able to eat with family and friends rather than standing over the grill cooking continuously. When choosing a grill size, experts recommend a cooking surface area of at least 600 square inches when feeding a family or grilling for guests. A larger hopper size means the pellets will need to be refilled less often, which many people appreciate.

Digitally Connected Features

Some Traeger models come with digitally connected features. When shopping for a grill, ask about the WiFire feature and the wireless meat thermometer option. Imagine being able to control the grill while enjoying a game of flag football with family and friends. Nobody wants to stop the game to check the grill temperature or switch the grill over to the Keep Warm mode. With the help of WiFire technology, they won’t have to. They can do these things with nothing more than an app on their phone. The game can then continue and the grill master will know the food is coming along nicely.

Premium Cooking Features

Traeger grills come with many premium cooking features. The features vary by model, so research them before making a choice. Nobody wants to get their new grill home only to learn it lacks a feature they really wanted. For example, many individuals want a Traeger induction cooktop while other grill masters refuse to own a unit that lacks the keep warm feature. Other features to look for include Super Smoke mode and the Traeger Downdraft Exhaust System.

Convenience Features

Don’t overlook the convenience features when purchasing a Traeger grill. Many individuals find they appreciate having shelving and storage compartments built into their grill. Other chefs love having a grill that is compatible with the Pop and Lock accessory line or the ModiFIRE accessory line. When a person knows all features offered on Traeger models, they find it easier to pick the perfect grill for their needs.

Traeger was the first company to offer a pellet grill and they maintain an outstanding reputation a quarter of a century later. Consumers find they have many sizes to choose from and ample features grill masters want and need in their units. Check these models out today to see which one is right for the chef.

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