The Worst Cryptocurrency Tokens

The Worst Cryptocurrency Tokens

There were some very poor tokens of cryptocurrency. However, what are the seven worst signs in history? It would help if you did something unusually bad or not able to make this list. These ventures would have been rendered a complete and complete failure by real effort. That’s not to mention that pyramid and Ponzi are all bad tokens. It also includes pumps and dumps, copycats, and full vapor. Here is all the information about bitcoin mining.

Ethereal- Useless Project

Ethereal- Useless Project This project was motivated by the sheer amount of totally fraudulent and world-friendly schemes. One exception was that the EUP’s intentions were 100 percent clear. A quote from the site sums up the entire project in a highly mocking tone. “It is not ‘whitepapers,’ ‘products’ and ‘experts.’ It’s just you, me, your Ether, and my list of shopping.”  This is the worst sign of all, and the maker knows it. Despite this, Ether raised over $40,000 in 3 days in the Useless Ethereum Project.


You need to know if you’ve never heard of BitConnect. This was a blown pyramid system in its entirety on the blockchain. To begin, see this founder’s YouTube video at a promotional event in BitConnect. During a short period in 2017, BitConnect was a token among the top 20 most valuable cryptocurrencies. The companies closed operations in 2018 after receiving notifications from different world governments to confirm their legitimacy. BitConnect’s (BCC) value fell to less than $1 from over $500. The system had many issues, but its centralization was just one issue.

Bitcoin Forks

Bitcoin Forks, After all, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is and was the top 5 since the August 2017 fork. Bitcoin forks are generally well-designed and parodies of kinds at times. You made a quantum-proof edition of Bitcoin. Then there’s Bitcoin God, a Bitcoin charity that seems no longer involved. Many Bitcoin fork projects are dropped, so we have to put the whole group on the tokens list.

Projects DeFi Food

Yeah, that’s the right word. The DeFi phenomenon exploded completely during 2020. A significant number of the protocols are named for food for some odd reason, from Sushi to HotDog to Finance for Walnut (WTF). Each provides essentially the same as the original DeFi protocols. All of these are usually UniSwap, Compound, or YFI dependent. Although the three later projects are very successful, bringing something new to Ethereum DeFi, copycat projects only try to build on FOMO and hype. We value true, novel developments here at CryptoVantage. It just does not earn you any bonus points if you copy someone’s smart contract. That is why we have lumped Spaghetti (PASTA) and SODA Token into one of the worst tokens in history, alongside most food-related DeFi ventures.

Envion (ENV)

The last is close to my heart because it is a project in which I have invested. This is potentially a little bit of a best-in-class example for poor investment. Even though I end up with some of my investment, the whole project was quite a wreck, and it’s still a part of the worst tokens list. Envion was a cloud mining project to deploy miners’ containers next to renewable energy farms. Sounds interesting, okay? Use the surplus electricity from renewable energy sources as a power supply for cryptocurrencies mine computers. Then the proceeds are divided with the crowd sales members. Perhaps this token would not be on this list if the project were executed successfully. In late 2017, when the attack on ICOs was just being launched, the ICO was shut out from Germany. The project founders have not registered or lawfully conducted the sale. The founders were then obliged to refund the money to the crowd-selling participants. In reality, this was achieved reasonably smoothly, albeit two years after the investment.


For these awful tokens, we must all learn to be thankful. We cannot learn useful lessons about investing without them. Without them. From experienced investors, you still hear the same advice. Please don’t bring more money into it than you want to lose. The founding team is researching. Before spending a dollar, make sure this idea makes sense. Know how the money will be spent. Some of us (included me) had to make these errors first-hand when it came to it. It is then up to you not to repeat in the future the same errors. Insanity still does the same thing and expects different outcomes. So don’t token anymore, please, Ethereum group.



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