Things to Consider Before Removing Your Storage Shed

Things to Consider Before Removing Your Storage Shed

Sheds are made for temporary use, and they are never meant to last forever. The fact that it is called a shed means it can be torn down at any time when it has outlived its usefulness.

Of course, storage sheds were never made to last forever; you will eventually have to pull them down. Whether it is the need to increase to make more space or tear them down completely. So, contact Jiffy Junk today to get a quote on junk removal services for sheds.

What To Do Before Tearing Down Your Shed.


If you do not prepare for a big project like demolishing your shed, you will end up getting yourself or someone else injured. Keep in mind, you should separate a bit of preparation time before starting the whole process. It doesn’t matter how boring it may be, safety always comes first. The junk removal service should be on standby to gather all lost nails, screws, and hinges as the tearing down process begins if you don’t want to botter with the extra hassle.

You should also make preparations on where you will store the items inside your shed. I recommend looking into storage units. They’re safe, secure, and accessible to you almost 24/7. Best thing is you won’t have to maintain it yourself!

Shed Demolition Permit.

It is likely that tearing down your shed or any structure of that manner needs a permit from your local ordinance. Whether it is your property or someone else’s, you might still need to get a permit from the authority before taking further steps.

If it turns out that you do not need a demolition permit, it is worth it to touch base with the town or city’s authority. Giving them a call or sending an email ahead of time won’t hurt. It is also best to keep your neighbors informed due to the potential noise generated from the demolition process.

Prepare For a Messy Environment.

Prepare For a Messy Environment.

Not everyone understands the mess this can cause or even the noise it brings into the neighborhood. Before you attempt demolition, it is good to consider the process of hauling away your dirt. If you are already planning a demolition, your best approach is to contact JiffyJunk for a junk removal service.

A pickup truck could move the junk quickly. You can either ask for a rental or get a junk removal company to do this twice as fast. Also, do not forget to look up some items or recycling. It is the best way to save money and also keep some valuable materials.

Remove Any Easily Removable Items.

You might have some electrical lines installed in your shed; you need to get this removed before it all begins. Consider contacting a professional to get this done.

Make sure you have moved all items in the shed to make the process hassle-free. This may also include non-loadbearing wall panels and the like.

Treat any hazardous material (old batteries, painting, chemicals, oil, e.t.c.) with care and according to the local laws. You can make this demolition process even easier by stripping out the additions on the wooden structure like the electricals, shelves, doors, hinges, and windows.

Safety Check.

One of the most important things to do before attempting a shed removal is the safety check. Someone could get injured without going through this process. You need to ensure that the surrounding area of the shed is cleared out and nothing is causing an obstruction during this process. As the dismantling process begins, you need to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Process Of Tearing Down Your Shed.

Now you are ready to take down your shed; there are a few things in the rule book of shed dismantlement you need to follow.

Process Of Tearing Down Your Shed.

From The Top

Starting from the top is the priority. If you carelessly attempt this process, you will end up in a life-endangering working condition. This can either land you on a hospital bed or even worst. You need to take safety precautions to ensure the process is as smooth as it can get. If it is a do-it-yourself method, do not lean on the already unstable shed.

Roof Removal

At this point, your shed should be rather unstable. Next, you need to untack your roofing felt and slide it off the roof. Now you can go ahead and unscrew the roof panels carefully. At this point, you need to make sure you have a second person to prevent the roof from sliding off unexpectedly.

Now that the roof is off, unscrew the roof bracing or ridge bars from between the gable panels to free up the walls.

Wall Removal

The walls will, most likely,  be screwed into the floorboard through the framing, and they need to be removed. To remove the walls, unscrew or get a hammer to knock down the non-loadbearing siding loose from the inside. However, this would not be with load-bearing walls, as you will want to work from the outside to avoid injury.

After removing the roof, you need to get a junk removal service to remove them quickly. Now start dissembling the load from the walls like the windows and door. You want to remove the door entirely along with any ironmongery like the hinges and lock. Unscrew the framing around the window to ease up the walls.

You can begin destabilizing the walls by removing the screws or nails, detaching all four walls from top to bottom. You need someone to keep the wall standing as you unscrew each angle to avoid premature collapse.


Now that you have successfully removed the walls from the floors, you need to pry up with a crossbar or cut them to separate them. If you have a concrete floor, then no further action is necessary.

Parting Words on Shed Disassembly and Junk Removal

So this is the end of this little project. If you follow those tips you’ll most likely have a way easier time. Make sure to keep the whole thing organized and under control. Get a junk removal service to clean up the mess that has been made. There is a process to follow to complete the entire process.

Written by Enaa Mari

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