This Is How Solar Installers in Kentucky Are Helping Transform the State

Kentucky is becoming one of the most promising states for solar power.

Although it’s still one of the states with the lowest solar output, Kentucky is showing signs of real growth. According to SEIA, Kentucky installed enough solar in 2021 to power over 7,000 homes. With the price of solar dropping and more installers opening up, it’s time for Kentucky to look for a brighter future.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how solar installers in Kentucky are changing the game. We’ll also give you a few reasons why you should consider going solar. It might seem like a big investment, but keep reading and you’ll see how going solar in Kentucky is going to benefit you.

Solar Installers in Kentucky

There are a growing number of solar companies in Kentucky. There are 10 manufacturers, 15 installers, and 10 dealers, brokers, and developers. As solar power ingrains itself more in Kentucky’s economy, more jobs are created and politicians have to look at its virtues.

Nationwide companies, like Blue Raven, have opened up shop in Kentucky to help bolster this growth. The Blue Raven solar services are all-encompassing and provide interested solar buyers with an easy way to learn about the benefits of solar power.

How Net Metering Has Helped Solar in Kentucky

One of the biggest wins for solar power in Kentucky in recent memory was the 2021 ruling for keeping net metering. Net metering allows those who have invested in rooftop solar panels to sell their excess energy back to the power grid for a profit.

This can be an extremely helpful way to negate the up-front cost of solar installation. The utility service was fighting for a lowering of the net metering rates to 4 cents per kWh. Solar companies and owners fought hard to keep it at 10 cents per kWh instead.

Other Incentives Making Solar Affordable

If you’re a Kentuckian thinking of going solar, you may see a $20,000 installation price tag and swear it off. What you need to realize is that, in addition to net metering, there are numerous incentives that make going solar more affordable in the short and long term.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit, for instance, allows you to claim 26% of your solar installation costs on your federal taxes. Many of Kentucky’s solar companies off their own rebates as well.

When you combine all of these incentives with the savings you’ll see on your monthly bills and your net metering earnings, you can break even on a solar panel system in a few years.

The Benefits of Going Solar in Kentucky

Now that you know how solar installers in Kentucky are changing the game, it’s time to think about the benefits you’ll see when you go solar. In addition to some of the financial benefits we’ve discussed here, you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing you’re helping the planet.

Kentucky is a sunny state, so it really is a no-brainer to turn to renewable energy and install residential solar panels. Save money and the planet at the same time.

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