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Bitcoin mining is a very complex process that is aided by powerful computers and their ability to solve complex mathematical algorithms. A bitcoin miner gets paid for mining bitcoins. In the process they use these powerful computers during every transaction that is carried out by traders and investors and a new bitcoin is introduced into the circuit.

Using the mining procedure, the data of every transaction gets stored in the form of a block into a series of such information called the blockchain. There is a lot more to mining than just storing information. The process is quite complex and takes time as well. In this article, we will learn all about how mining works.

How does mining work?

  • The miners verify the transaction and confirm them while checking the authenticity of the transactions occurring on platforms Click here. Verification in the transaction process is very important. These processes compel people to stay honest and reduce fraudulency in the digital world.
  • The assistance is provided throughout the world and the responsibilities are spread across the world. The mining happens in a decentralized manner where blockchain or any of the cryptocurrencies are not owned or regulated by any central authority.
  • Miners have to verify about 1MB (megabyte) of information regarding a transaction. This 1MB of verified data is known as a block. A series of such blocks together form the blockchain. Verifying one block enables a miner to receive bitcoins in the form of rewards.
  • There are some terms and conditions to receive a reward. Just because a miner has successfully verified a transaction, he cannot get rewarded right away. The miner should also be the first one to solve the complex algorithm to get rewarded.

 Why do we need to mine bitcoin?

In the world of digital currency, there are a lot of possibilities of counterfeit activities which is not the case for traditional physical currencies. The same digital currency can be made to spend twice by retaining the original currency and spending a fake or copy. To avoid such mishaps and misuse, mining is a necessary process. Bitcoin miners remain encouraged to carry out the verification and checking the legitimacy of each transaction as they are rewarded with bitcoins as an incentive.

How long does it take for the mining to complete? 

  • When we say bitcoin mining, it is not just one bitcoin at a time that we are talking about. Mining occurs for one block. Once a block has been successfully verified and mined, the most efficient miner gets about 6.25 BTC (bitcoins) as a reward.
  • The time required to mine one such block is approximately 10 minutes. There is huge competition between miners from every corner of the world. As explained earlier, only the one to solve the algorithm first and get the transaction verified will be the one to receive the BTC reward.
  • Some other factors are affecting the rate of mining like mining hardware, solo mining or pool mining, difficulty level. All these factors combine to affect the entire mining process.

How do miners work?

More the number of miners more would be the competition. As the difficulty increases each mining would require an even higher and more powerful computation. Many bitcoin miners form a mining pool to generate greater efficiency by combining the computational power of individual miners. Once they mine a block successfully and receive a reward, it gets distributed or split among the miners based on their proportion of power.

How much bitcoin can be mined in one day?

Using simple mathematical calculations we can infer that about 144 blocks can be mined in a day, given that 10 minutes is required to mine one. Hence, approximately 900 BTC rewards can be generated each day.


There is a limited quantity of bitcoins present out there for circulation, which is approximately 18.5 million. Once all the bitcoins are discovered and introduced into circulation, there would be no more bitcoins left. The mining process just enables the introduction of bitcoins into the system and maintains the legitimacy of transactions in the crypto community.

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