Tips for businesses to optimize SEO for today’s uncertain market

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit economies equally hard as it has hit human health. It has put all of us in an uncharted territory that has raised questions even on the established and earlier productive SEO techniques. 

Businesses are struggling with a significant drop in organic traffic, tight budgets, and an urgency to generate revenue to neutralize existing and potential losses and drive to profitability. While it may sound tempting, but to hunker down is going to be advantageous, now or in the post-COVID era. 

The best SEO service provider in San Antonio suggests that it’s time to hit the gas padel of SEO and digital marketing even harder and optimize strategies to meet the needs of these times. It’s time to utilize new techniques and well-known ones in new innovative ways to engage your audiences. 

Here are some tips that can help you sail through these uncertain times and establish a solid foundation for the new tomorrow.

  • Optimizing the title and metadata

The easiest way to regain your pace in these downtimes is to binge on the low-hanging fruits first. Metadata for your content is one that fruit that can bring the spring back for your SEO outcomes.

Consider a title, ‘5 SEO tips that work well for businesses. Changing it to ‘5 SEO tips that work well in 2019 and beyond’ can instantly elevate its relevance for the present times.

While most businesses over the title and metadata, these are crucial when it comes to SEO. Whether you have lost organic traffic due to uncertainty or not, optimizing metadata can remarkably propel more visitors to your pages.

  • Revamp and repurpose your content

Conduct a content decay analysis to identify content that is declining in ranking and losing traffic over the past year. This content has once engaged the audiences and can still be relevant if you update with more current elements. 

For instance, update statistics with current numbers, replace dead backlinks and references, swipe old screenshots and images with new ones, add new illustrations, extend their length, and optimize with new keywords, etc.

  • Use the pillar cluster approach

If you have not already used the pillar cluster technique, it’s time to pick it up now. In this technique, you create a central master page on a topic with overarching content and title and multiple content pages about it. All these pages are linked to the central pillar and with each other.

You can revisit your content audit to find pages that you can use in a cluster and find a strategy to update them for new keywords and information. However, refrain from cannibalizing content that is already doing well on some other keywords.

  • Fine-tune your tone

Current is not the time to deliver content that is riffing on the pandemic or is too bubbly. We are living in extremely sensitive times and what sounded cool in the past may be insensitive or even annoying today.

For that reason, brands need to watch the tone they are using to build up their content, especially in messages and emails. Instead of a direct sale message, you can wrap it in a way that shows your awareness and care for what is happening around you. Make it a bit emotional than direct.


Written by Frederick Jace

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