Tips for creating a logo for a car service

Tips for creating a logo for a car service

The corporate identity is an integral part of the brand in any field of activity. The logo and the right shades are the tools you can use to attract potential customers. A car service requires a unique, expressive brand name. To understand which emblem to choose, you should use the advice of Aleksei Titov.

What should be the logo icon?

For a car service, drawings on a given topic are most suitable. These can be machines, repair tools, tires, and related parts. So the potential client immediately understands the scope of the company. According to Aleksei Titov, it is not necessary to create narrowly focused logos. It is recommended to select abstract pictures or text icons. However, in this situation, you need to devote a lot of time to the advertising component and the promotion of the company. This will help clients know the focus of the company.

It is not uncommon for brands with extensive experience to choose elements of national culture for their logos. This approach makes it possible to strengthen the prestige of the company among competitors, attract more new customers and increase the trust of regular customers. Among the emblems of a car service, there are abbreviations, as well as images of animals, birds or individual elements with a deep meaning. You can consider the example of car logo with wings, in order to always be under the auspices and protection of the Almighty.

What colors are suitable for a car service logo?

According to Aleksei Titov, neutral shades are suitable for a car service. A good choice would be black, gray, brown, blue. Thanks to such tones, it is possible to convey the specifics of the work of the company. Metallic shades will be no less interesting. For more realism, icons can be supplemented with glitter or special textures.

The color scheme helps to highlight the distinctive qualities of the company. Therefore, you need to know the psychology of shades in the logo. Each color has its own meaning. This helps to determine the choice of the palette. A brown tint indicates the reliability of the company, a red color – service efficiency.

Tips for choosing a car service logo

Before creating a logo, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony of the sign, the compatibility of the image with the color, font, and also take into account the activities of the company. It is worth highlighting the main points:

  1. Readability of the inscription. The text should be visible even when the size of the sign is reduced by 3-4 times.
  2. Suitable colors. Depending on the type of activity of the company, a palette of shades is selected.
  3. Strengths of the firm. You can emphasize them with the help of an image, the correct shade and font size.
  4. Information about services. Need thematic icons or labels. It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the slogan.
  5. The importance of the location of the elements of the logo. Colors, inscriptions, image in the logo should be combined with each other. It is not necessary to place the icon in the middle of the logo, and the text component at the bottom. It is worth applying different variations.
  6. Image quality. It is important for the logo to have a good quality image. It’s worth using vector graphics.
  7. The uniqueness of the sign. You cannot use other people’s logos. You need to create your own logo to stand out from all competitors. However, you can see interesting options from them.

It is important to remember that the logo should not be overloaded with inscriptions or drawings. When creating an emblem, simplicity and conciseness are important. This way you will be more quickly remembered by clients and will remain in their memory for a long time.

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