Tips How to Choose the Best Online Casino Sites in 2021

Tips How to Choose the Best Online Casino Sites in 2021

Lockdown and the development of IT technologies are the two factors that have revolutionized the modern approach to using online casinos. In 2020 alone, the European online gambling market grew by more than 20%. Thanks to this growth, new online casinos began to appear massively, and many gamblers started looking for professional and safe platforms.

In this review, we will look into how to choose the best online casino sites at, what criteria you should pay attention to, and what such gambling establishments offer. So keep reading to pick a worthy online gambling establishment.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Online Casinos

When choosing an online casino, players should focus on the following indicators.

#1 — Large Selection of Games

It is something that often gives a particular online casino an advantage over land-based gambling establishments and/or direct competitors. It is usually important for gamblers that a casino features classic games and new developments.

#2 — Convenient Mobile Application

More and more people access the Internet from their smartphones rather than their desktops. Therefore, before deciding on a particular online casino, you should evaluate its mobile application — how convenient it will be to play, whether the quality of the content on the smartphone suits the quality of the content on the desktop, the speed, and stability of applications, etc. If the application is poorly optimized, players usually very quickly leave the platforms of such online casinos.

#3 — Taxes and Payments on Winnings

Before starting to play at online casinos, foreign players should remember that winnings are taxed. So make sure that you check the associated charges. In addition to the government that imposes a tax on winnings at online casinos, some operators may also withhold a fee for certain types of withdrawals. Not paying attention to such aspects, players are often surprised when they are told to pay the tax.

Best Online Casino Sites Bonuses

Among the online casino bonuses, the following offers are most common:

  • Welcome bonus — Upon registration, the player receives a certain amount of money for the deposit made;
  • Match bonus — It is given for the first or/ and subsequent gaming wager;
  • Free spins — Using free spins, a gambler can play a particular slot machine for free;
  • Various promotions and events — For example, a player can get bonus money for participation in the event, competition, etc.

Any bonuses in virtual casinos are just gifts. In any case, they cannot oblige the gambler to anything, and it is up to everyone to win back the wager or not.


Based on all the above, it is worth noting that the best online casino sites are distinguished by their loyalty to the players; they specially create conditions that simplify the withdrawal of funds, fast support, and a wide range of casino games. In addition, one of the main criteria in the operation of an online casino is transparency and honesty, which is largely facilitated by the availability of a license from one of the gambling regulators. So spend your time checking it as well.

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