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As lockdown is up, tourism in Dubai has increased and so has the demand for rental car companies in Dubai. In Dubai, rental car culture is very popular. 

Visitors like to enjoy the scenic routes of Dubai with complete autonomy. That way they can enjoy every moment of their stay. 


You have complete freedom

You don’t have to worry about missing buses and being on time. You can have total control over where you want to stop. How much time do you want to spend there? There is no rush. This way you can save your time by avoiding delays in public transport. 

For luggage:

Are you planning a road trip to Dubai? Then renting a car is the best option for you. As you don’t have to face the limitations in carrying your luggage. 

The biggest comfort is you don’t have to carry your luggage and belongings with you everywhere. 

You can have fun:

The road trips are often the best part of your journey. You can have a lot of fun in your car with your family and friends.

Freedom of exploring places: 

You can stop wherever you want. You can stop by villages to see the culture of the country. You can plan your trip as you like. You don’t have to follow up on the schedules. 


Traveling on a bus with many other passengers for hours is quite uncomfortable. A personal car is best for short and long journeys. You can sleep, have fun. You don’t have to worry about your belongings getting stolen. You can chat and eat on your own as you like. You have your privacy there. 


If you are planning on coming to Dubai and visiting it, buy a car in Dubai. Here are some tips to save your money. Let’s get started without any further delay. 

Book your car in advance:

Book your car before coming. On-time renting is very expensive. Booking your car in advance is very beneficial for you. You can save that money and spend it on shopping. Dubai is very popular for its big shopping centers. 

Car sharing service:

Car sharing service is very popular in Dubai. If you want to rent a car and it’s causing you a fortune. Then you should go for the car-sharing service. Many companies in Dubai are allowing people to rent their vehicles to people. It is quite affordable.

Ask for Discounts: 

When booking a car or vehicle for rent ask for discounts and coupons available. Or if the company offers any discounts. 

Some of the discounts available are: 

  • AARP: Members of AARP get up to 30% discounts on rental cars. 
  • AAA: The international benefits of members of AAA include discounts on rental cars.
  • Costco: They have the cheapest car rental rates. The members of Costco can make different deals sometimes that include a driver too. 
  • Military discounts: Discounts up to 25% are offered on it.
  • Union member discount: union members are eligible for some discounts that include rental car discounts too. 

Bring child car seat with you:

Bring your child seat with you. So you don’t have to pay extra to the company. Likewise, bring your GPS device with you. Instead of paying rental companies for that. Simple steps can save plenty of money.

Away from the airport:

Rent a car from the companies that are away from the airport. They will charge less than the companies providing this service near the airport.


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