Tips to Beating Social Media Addiction

The excessive use of social media is known as social media addiction and the latest statistics suggest that over 10% of the U.S. population are addicted to social media. With studies showing that spending too much of your time on social media can impact your brain and becomea form of addiction. An addiction that poses a threat to your mental and physical health.

If you feel addicted to social media, you must try to break this addiction as soon as possible. Getting rid of this addiction does not mean turning your phone completely off, and never using it. It means controlling your use and the time that you spend on social media.

Below is a list of a few tips that can help you beat your social media addiction.

●      Track and Limit Your Screen Time:

You must keep a track of your social media activity and monitor your screen time. Almost every mobile phone now comes with a type of smart assistant that helps you keep a track of how much time you spend online. Keeping track of your time online provides an insight into how much social media you are consuming and with this data you can start to manage your social media time more effectively.

●      Turn Off Notifications:

Mostly we check our phones when a notification arrives, usually, the screen turns up and the device vibrates or a sound plays. After a while we begin to form of habit of checking our phones once we receive this notification. This can distract us from the work we are doing, and forces us to look at the screen and use social media. Turning notifications offis a key to prevent this from happening.

●      Find New Hobbies:

Finding new hobbies would allow you to stay busy. When you are busy doing some work, or activity, it’s less likely that you will use social media. So, it can prove to be a great distraction from social media.

●      Make New Friends:

You should make new friends and socialize outside the world of social media.This outside interaction would also keep you busy and away from social media.

●      Social Media Detox:

You can also do social media detox for a few days every month. For example, you can set a day or a week in the month, when you will not use social media at all. Going completely offline from all the social media channels.

●      Uninstall Social Media:

Uninstalling social media applications when you are busy doing some important work for a few days, can help you get rid of this addiction. You should uninstall those social media apps that you only use for fun, and not for anything important.

●      Stop Posting about everything Online:

Most people become addicted to using social media so much that they post about everything they do online. This can enhance your addiction, and to get rid of this, you must stop posting about your life events on social media. Going completely cold turkey may not be a good choice, but posting less on social media can help. So, you should make an effort to post less content online.

Written by Crystal Rae

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