Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

Securing your data from hackers is the most important thing you need to do. We know how important it is for companies to ensure that their data is in safe hands. Most of the time, companies are in a position to bear huge financial losses; however, they cannot afford to lose or expose data.

One of the best ways of securing data in your mobile phones, laptops, and computer systems is by creating secure passwords. Creating strong and secure passwords is the best way of keeping hackers away from your accounts.

Several password managers or password keeper app are available, using which you can easily manage your passwords, bank details, and other important information. These apps allow you to share your passwords with your loved ones, along with being sure that no characters will leak.

Having understood the importance of securing data from hackers, you might be interested in knowing tips and tricks to create a secure and robust password. Do you want to know you can create strong passwords? Are you interested in learning what the characteristics of a strong password are?

Probably yes. You are at the very right place. Here in this guide, we will share a few tips to help you create safe and secure passwords and ensure that your data stays safe.

Characteristics of A Strong Password

Some of the crucial aspects of a strong password are; length, a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Keeping these aspects in mind and the tips discussed below, you can create strong and secure passwords for securing your data.

  • Create Long Passwords

The first thing you need to pay importance to while creating a password is, create long passwords. The longer the password, the better it is. If you use a shorter password, there are significant chances that your password will get hacked. Hence, it is advised to create as long passwords as possible. Hackers try multiple tricks to break your passwords. This is an excellent way of securing your data.

  • Include Numbers, Symbols, Uppercase, and Lowercase Letters

The second most important thing you need to do is randomly mix your passwords with symbols, numbers, and letters. Add uppercase and lowercase letters to your passwords. For example, you can add the letter ONE for the letter 1 or @ for the letter A.

Similarly, you can capitalize the first letter of each new word in your password. This scheme is highly beneficial when your password comprises a phrase.

  • Combine Unrelated Words to Create A Strong Password

Unrelated words might seem to be unattractive for you; however, they are an indication of a strong password. Using unrelated words or phrases makes it difficult for hackers to guess the password. For example, you can use a password such as 8Spider@Cam31.

  • Do Not Use Obvious Information

Most of us commit the mistake of using obvious information while creating passwords. For example, some of us will use the date of birth as the password; some will use their wedding date or other such obvious information. Using this information makes it easier for hackers to guess the password.

Also, if you are asked to choose security questions while creating a password, make sure you do not select the most obvious ones. Choose unique security questions so that even your close friends cannot access your computer and hence data stays secure.

  • Use Password Managers

Another method of creating strong and secure passwords is through using password managers. Password managers create strong passwords on your behalf. The created passwords are secure; instead, they are kept in an encrypted, centralized location that can be accessed through a master password.

So, you just have to remember that master password as it keeps all your data safe, secure, and protected from hackers.

  • Continuously Change Your Passwords

Once you have created a strong password, the next thing you need to do is continuously change your passwords. The more sensitive and vital your data is, the more frequently you should change your password. Also, once you have changed your password, do not use the same password again, even after a long time.

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