Tips to Help Get Over Jet Lag

Jet lag is the body’s response to a quick change in time zones. Our bodies’ rhythm falls out of sync and it becomes very discomforting. Jet lag presents with some of the following symptoms: headaches, fatigue, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, lack of appetite, and gastrointestinal conditions. I know, the symptoms look scary and some may be considering if that trip is worth all of this. Others who have experienced jet lag may be trying to tick off the symptoms they have experience.

The thing is, the symptoms present themselves differently depending on body type, travel frequency, age and travel direction. It is said to be worse when traveling from west to east than westbound. Meanwhile, check out australian casino if you are on your way to Melbourne.

Once a jet lag starts, you will need to wait it out. However, there are remedies that can make you come out

Adapt quickly to your new time zone

As the old adage goes, when in Rome act like a Roman. Thankfully, technology will update your phone time to your new time zone but for your manual watch, you should set it immediately. That way, the visual time and not the one your body is used to tricks your body into adjusting. Plan all your eating and sleeping activities around the new time.

Take charge of your sleep time

Managing your sleep on an entirely different schedule is not as easy as saying it. For this step, you’ll need to be very proactive and intentional about sleeping around the new time. Some of the sleep-inducing methods are using noise-canceling headphones, white noise, and eye masks. Comfortable mattress, pillows and sheets. No matter what, resist the urge to nap if you arrived in the daytime but you can spy on online casino gaming as well.


Hydration can help reduce the effect of jet lag. Dehydration is very common on airplane trips because people reduce their water intake to avoid or minimize taking a pee break in the lavatory. There is also the fact that is not allowed at check-in and is given in small quantities onboard. One way to solve the hydration problem is to buy water in the terminal or request it in-flight.

Use medication

You need to talk to your doctor to prescribe medication to help you sleep. Sleep medication may have side effects on you but there can give you the rest that you deserve after a long flight. Some doctors recommend supplements like melatonin which the body produces ordinarily to cause the body to sleep. You should know that why jet-lag can cure with a week or two, other times, it could be the case of an underlying illness. It is very important to consult your doctor.

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