Tips & Tricks for your Magento website for better performance

Tips & Tricks for your Magento website for better performance

Every online website owner is targeting to have faster page loads and performance. Many users have chosen Magento Development for their business. Even milliseconds of delay can affect the conversion rates of the website. Magento is a widely popular e-commerce platform that provides a variety of advantages to users.

What affects the speed of your Magento platform?

1.    Inappropriate Hosting Servers
The website owner tries to invest lower when they try to make an online presence. Even when they have massive traffic, they miss out that they have not received any sales. This might increase the chances of them choosing a server that has low productivity. These hosting platforms do not have scalability, which affects your business growth.

2.    A sharp increase in traffic
The website begins to generate traffic, and sales are great, but the problem might escalate at some point. If your business is not ready to handle heavy traffic, then it might crash while generating more sales. So, this means that you cannot gain more sales until the server is dealt with.

3.    Too many extensions
Sometimes Magento 2 Development Company ends up adding numerous extensions into the e-commerce store. The improper server settings can turn out to make your frontend and backend slower. The Magento platform is designed to be extendable and serve any user demands. The flexibility can also be the main drawback of the store if not used in the correct order.

Let’s optimize your Magento store:

It is the responsibility of the Magneto developers to maintain your store by using the best practices. Several tips that can help Magento 2 Development Company to enhance your e-commerce store’s performance are:

Select the right Magento hosting

Ensure that your Magento store has faster page loads. The website hosting server provides a reliable and delivers a smooth user experience. This will help to generate more sales and revenue for your business.

Magento hosting plays a vital role in Magento 2 optimization. Rather than choosing a shared hosting service, consider hosting your e-commerce store on a cloud provider. This solution simplifies the hosting Magneto Stores optimizations and enhancements.

Tips & Tricks for your Magento website for better performance

Update Magento Version

Magento regularly releases the new updated versions in the market. They mainly focus on e-commerce optimization and security. The most vital tip to improve is to stay updated with the latest version of the Magento. Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, a better, reliable, faster, and secure e-commerce solution.

Full Page Cache for Magento store

The page loading time has a significant impact on the user experience, which can affect your sales. To make sure you have a user-friendly environment, use the FPC extension, which speeds up the Magento 2 landing page and decreases server loading time.

Inspect the Third-Party Modules

Each e-commerce business needs support from third-party extensions. Inspect each module, clear the cache, and see if it impacts the store performance. Test the homepages, product pages, category pages, and checkout pages. Turn off the Magento module and check if that makes your store faster and responsive for the users.

Avoid Cheap and Clunky themes

When you build an e-commerce store, it is essential to select a good theme. You can ask Magento Theme development Company to make a solid online presence. However, a bug-infested theme can bring down your Magento store performance. There are a plethora of free and paid themes in the digital market.

Take advantage of the divergent features of Magento to achieve business growth:

1.Reporting and Analytics

Reporting tools are built into the Magento store that allows users to know the performance of their online store. It provides the capability of monitoring customer trends and developing robust strategies. An embedded analytics platform will also help businesses reach profitable growth more quickly., for example, provides client reports that can be integrated into any web framework in order to provide clients with the most up-to-date information.

Tips & Tricks for your Magento website for better performance

  • Sales
  • Best Viewed Products
  • Low stock products
  • Total Sales Refunded
  • Best Purchased Products
  • Total Sales Invoiced
  • Best Customer Reports
  • Number of orders

Magento also allows an out-of-the-box integration with the help of Google Analytics.

2.Customer Accounts and Services

Magento Development has feature-rich customer account options. For example, the users can save unlimited addresses in their Address book. They also get the ability to wishlist an item and share it with their connection. In addition, customers can track and view the status of the orders. Some customer-centric features are:

  • Re-order from account
  • Wish list feature
  • Order history
  • Contact Us form
  • Order tracking
  • Account dashboard
  • Order and Account update

This feature helps in making your store more user-friendly.

3.Catalog Management

Magento has a flexible and dynamic Catalog Management System. This feature allows batch exporting and importing of items. Website owners can define multiple products which can be simple, grouped, and configurable. In addition, the core APIs of Magento provide web services. Some critical abilities of the Catalog Management System are:

  • Batch export and import of the catalogue
  • Tax rates at each location, product type, and customer group
  • Create store-specific attributes
  • Low inventory alerts
  • Batch updates for products
  • Attribute set for quick product creation
  • Edit, delete and approve product tags
  1. Shipping

Magento gives the freedom to configure the e-commerce store to perform its shipping practices. Some shipping flexibility offered by Magento store are:

  • Shipping orders to multiple addresses
  • Multiple Shipments per order
  • Flat rate shipping per item
  • Table rates for destination and weight
  • Table rates for several destinations and items
  • On-site tracking orders from the customer account
  • Flat rate shipping per order
  • Free Shipping
  • Table rates for product destination


To sum up! It is high time to choose Magento Development for your e-commerce store. We have shared with you all the critical aspects of the Magento that can invest in your performance’s growth. Use the right tools and resources to optimize your store for a better user experience.


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