Top 10 Things You Should Do When You’re Bored

Getting bored and looking for some exciting things to do other than Netflix and social media? Check out these amazing top ten things you should do when you are bored and looking for some fun.

Things You Should Do When You’re Bored:

Check them out!

Turn your photos in a scrapbook

We all have plenty of photos on our smartphones. Isn’t it? The best way to utilize the free time is to print out some of the best photos and make a scrapbook.

You can also categorize the scrapbook into traveling photos, birthday photos, anniversary photos, and photos of some special day.

While the pictures in your phone may get deleted and get lost, your scrapbook will live with you forever. A photo scrapbook is something that you will cherish for years to come.

Read a book

Books take you to different places, encounter you with unknowns, and broaden your horizons. Apart from killing the free time, books endow multiple benefits.

It is believed that people who often read are mentally more stable and composed than those who do not.

It also strengthens physical health by reducing your stress and keeping you happy. Reading books change not only your body but your brain too for the better. The best part is reading books enhances your vocabulary.

Play a cash rewarding game

If you are not a book lover and want to play some rewarding game, try your hands at online rummy card games.

Apart from keeping you engaged for hours, Online Rummy takes you to another world where you can sharpen your mind, memory and at the same time win some cash.

Isn’t it fantastic? In addition to all these, cards game offer multiple health benefits like alleviating stress, keeping the mind sharp and active. It also encourages socialization.

Bake something sweet

Baking is good for health, not only because you get something good to eat but also because it keeps the mind calmly active and creative.

Baking is believed to be meditative as it takes your entire attention on one thing- to make the food scrumptious.

Baking is therapeutic as it helps to ease depression, which is why doctors also recommend it to patients suffering from anxiety. The end result of baking is always delicious and makes others happy too.

Learn a new language 

What’s better than learning a new language in your free time? With the advent of online learning, you can find plenty of websites that offer online language learning courses at reasonable prices.

Do you know what else you can do? Find an online language tutor for that language you’ve always wanted to learn! It’s a chance to explore the culture, literature, and connections that come with it. Dive into books, movies, and music in your target language.

All you need is to pay a small amount and enroll in any language learning class. If taking online classes is not your cup of tea, just open any YouTube channel that teaches a foreign language and start with the basics.

Play an instrument 

Music is a wonderful escape from boredom. If you are fond of music and like to play some instrument, take it out every time you feel bored because there are many benefits of playing the instruments.

Studies have confirmed that musicians can process multiple things at once, making them amazing multi-tasker.

Also, it strengthens memory and reading skills. Another amazing benefit of playing an instrument is you can flaunt your talent anywhere and look smarter among your societal group.

Camp indoors

If you are a little adventurous and want to do something out of the box when bored, just pitch a tent and bring some of the outdoors inside.

Sometimes it is really fun to enjoy camp indoors. To make the entire thing more exciting, roll out some sleeping bags and put on some glow-in-the-dark stars to give the entire set-up an amazing look. Believe me, the indoor camping idea will create memories forever, and you will cherish it always.


Another productive way of killing the free time is meditating. These days when a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle create mental pressure and take a toll on the mental health, meditating for a while could rejuvenate the brain and make you stress-free.

Meditation is one of those mental exercises that do not require any instrument yet prove to be highly beneficial. You get a new perspective on stressful situations and get rid of negative emotions altogether.

Pen down your feelings

Feeling emotional, distressed, happy, funny, or want to vent out your thoughts? All you need is to take a journal or diary and start penning down your feelings.

Writing is a wonderful mental exercise that keeps your brain cells working actively. When you write, you put your life events into perspective and feel that you have accomplished something.

Apart from helping you vent out your thoughts, writing improves your vocabulary. The more you write, the more your writing improves.

Make a family movie 

Now, this is something interesting! You can start making your family movies when you have nothing else to do.

For instance, make a questionnaire of some weird, funny, and interesting questions and ask your family members.

Record them while they answer and make a family movie. Believe me, whenever and your people will look back into it, you all feel exhilarated.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best and productive things that you can enjoy when bored. These activities will keep you occupied for a certain time and make sure that something better comes along.

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