Top 3 Business Publications in India

The economy of India is dynamic and complex, making it crucial that you have a news publication curated to business news in India. There are many news sources online that are based out of India and have a focus on Indian business. We’ll be covering the top three of them that we think you ought to know about for this year.

While it is important to follow business news from all over the world, you should definitely review at least one business publication that focuses on India, whether you are currently invested in the country or not. Because India is the world’s largest country (in population) and has a growing economy, accessing a good source of India-focused business information is a must-have in 2023. And it will only become more valuable as the country’s economy grows.

Keep in mind that this list only covers three of many amazing sources of Indian business news. So we recommend you do your own research before deciding on a singular source of news for business in India.

So let’s go over our picks for the three best business publications in India:

  1. Business Standard

Business Standard is one of the more reputable and well-known business news publications across India, and it has been in operation since 1975. It is based out of Mumbai and also does more specific publications for the various regions and major cities throughout the country. It covers everything there is to know news-wise about India and its economy, including finance, economy, business, and the stock markets. 

If you’re interested in an example of a well-written article published on Business Standard, check out this article here about an India-focused private equity fund. 

  1. Business India

Another leading business publication in India is Business India. The first article on Business India was published in 1978. The company has since grown into one of the largest news companies in India for business-related news. Their site covers a variety of news topics ranging from local news to international. 

One of the stand-out parts of their website is their Emagazine section. There, you can browse through their magazines on your computer. The best part? You don’t need to subscribe to anything. The magazines are free to read on their site for anyone who is interested.

We recommend reading this edition of Business India, “Holding the flame.” It covers a wide range of stories and events going on across India. 

  1. Forbes India

A little-known secret is that Forbes has its own publication for Indian business news. If you are a fan of using Forbes to get your news already, then this is the perfect source of information for you when researching the markets of India.

Almost every aspect of Forbes’ main website is recreated on their India website, even their billionaires section. On their Forbes India Billionaires page, there are articles about the various billionaires in India. Unfortunately, there is no list of all Indian billionaires on the Forbes India website. To find that, you will have to navigate to the billionaires list on the main Forbes website and search by country to get a list of only Indian billionaires.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that one of the names on this list can make it into your news routine.

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