Top 5 Dungeons in WoW

Top 5 Dungeons in WoW

Are you in search to pursue your next World of Warcraft adventure? Then do not worry as here we will explore the top 5 dungeons in WoW you can do. If you are either in it for a nostalgic run, to have a good time with your friends, or looking for something new, we have it all! With the rise of new dungeons like Sepulcher of the First Ones and people looking for help with a Sepulcher of the First ones boost, you should know which dungeon to go for solo, or with friends!

5. Scholomance

Did you know that Kel’Thuzad made the plague of undeath in Scholomance? This plague of undeath was then unveiled upon Lordaeron. A gauntlet section asking for great tanks, skeletons that will not be harmed by spells, and some hidden bosses, this dungeon will guarantee you have a blast using great tactics to overcome its challenges! 

When looking forward to the Scholomance dungeon, you should note that the recommended level for it is between levels 58 and 60. Scholomance also promises great loot, such as pre-paid BiS items for a lot of classes and several set pieces. Including patterns and profession recipes, you can come across the formula for Enchant Weapon – Lifestealing, the pattern for Robe of the Void, and one of the best recipes for Scholomance: the recipe for the Flask of Supreme power.

4. Grim Batol

If you are looking forward to a more outstanding experience, then the Grim Batol dungeon is for you. This dungeon is nothing but normal, welcoming you to it with a dragon-riding introduction. You can clear most of the dungeon with your team using the dragons, which is a phenomenal moment to experience with your friends!

Grim Batol is from the Cataclysm expansion including several bosses, with the final boss encounter being Erudax. The bosses are fun to fight overall with fun battle mechanics, such as Forgemaster Throngus with his weapon swapping. The recommended level for Grim Batol is level 85, having a Normal and Heroic run. It also promises a lot of loot from each boss with item levels starting from 305 for the normal run and 329 for the heroic dungeon run.

3. Stratholme

Are you an old-school WoW player? Then the Stratholme dungeon will bring you to an undoubtedly nostalgic run! Warcraft 3 had Arthas who killed all the citizens to save them all from the plague. In the Stratholme dungeon, we are actually revisiting this place!

The dungeon is split into two halves, one with the living and one with the dead. The required level for it is between levels 58 and 60. Both of the sides are really long to complete, so doing only one side is enough. You can also come across a lot of great and silly loot, such as an item making you look like a postman, a trinket with which you can summon a cannon, and much more. Though a lot of people tend to complete this dungeon for the Deathcharger’s Reins mount.

2. Zul’Gurub

The Zul’Gurub dungeon is from the Cataclysm extension. This dungeon is a masterpiece, and honestly, it was a very close call being tied for 1st place. With its jungle scenery, it promises a great atmospheric dungeon run filled with a lot of bosses including great mechanics, with the last boss being Jin’do. 

The recommended level for this dungeon is level 85, including a normal and heroic run. Filled to the brim with loot, pets, mounts, armor loot, there is definitely something to look forward to!

1. Blackrock Depths

The Blackrock Depths definitely takes the best dungeon place in our lists. Being a 5-man raid, the Blackrock Depths is a complex dungeon to take on, taking up 3-4 hours if you don’t look a lot on the sides. With its 18 boss encounters and a recommended level between levels 52 and 60, we can see why this dungeon is so extensive. There is also a lot of loot to be taken included for each class.

Some of these dungeons are older, some are newer. But we have to look forward to the new dungeon releases for WoW. One such is the Sepulcher of the First Ones from the Shadowlands expansion, with the final encounter requiring thorough tactics being the Jailer Kill carry.

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