Top 5 Key Reasons To Use a Data Recovery Service

Top 5 Key Reasons To Use a Data Recovery Service

With the recent rash of ransomware attacks across critical points of the US infrastructure, the need for better cybersecurity and data recovery has become more prevalent than ever. If you run a business, especially one that deals with consumer personal information, you need a way to get their data back and secured in the event of a disaster.

Still not sure it’s worth the extra expense? Here are five key reasons that your company needs to partner with a data recovery service:

1. Technology Can Fail You

If there’s one thing you can count on technology to be consistent for, it’s being inconsistent. Whether your entire system gets shuttered by ransomware or the drives or servers get physically damaged, you need a method for recovering your data. A physical damage drive recovery provider or other data recovery service can protect you in the event that technology fails.

2. No One Expects the Unexpected

Natural disasters. Malware or virus attacks. Massive data hacks. Power surges. No company expects these things to happen.

No matter how careful or safe you think you are, it can happen to you. You wouldn’t run a business without some form of insurance to protect yourself, would you? In a similar vein, using a data recovery service can help protect you from the unexpected.

3. You May Need to Conduct Audits or Archives

The IRS does not play around with consumer data or your financial information. Nor will they accept that you lost or couldn’t find the data they need as an excuse. (Any more than a teacher would accept that a student “lost the data” for their homework or project, anyway.) Data recovery services can then save you from some serious legal trouble.

4. A Data Recovery Service Saves Time for Future You

Let’s face it: If you lose data, you’ll need to spend time getting that data back. If it’s consumer personal information, this may require searching through old orders, getting back in touch with former clients, and many other hoops to rebuild your databases. And that’s assuming that’s even a possibility!

If you use a data recovery service, you save your future self some serious time and effort.

5. Getting Back on Your Feet After an Incident

Many companies that experience massive losses of critical data never recover from the blow. With the help of a data recovery service, you enable your company to get back on its feet, no matter how severe of a data loss it experiences.

When it comes to recovery, faster is better. If you’re still struggling weeks after the fact, your competitors will gladly come in and sweep your clients right out from under you.

Looking for More Business Tech Information?

Now that you understand the importance of working with a data recovery service, you may wonder what you need to do next. If you’re looking for more business tech information to protect yourself and your clients, then check out our blog. We update our site each day with more informative content like this.

Written by Crystal Rae

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