Top 5 Question to Ask When Purchasing Custom Awards

Top 5 Question to Ask When Purchasing Custom Awards

Throughout history, awards are seen as the representation and marker for success. Winning an award is proof of your achievement levels or talent and hard work in meeting set objectives. Giving awards is also a sign of appreciation and showing value to the one offering the award, such as in a company.

Don’t forget the added effect awards can also have in a competitive structure. Awarding the best can push others to try to match previous winners and earn accolades too. If you’re planning on purchasing custom awards to gift out, here’s what you need to ask first.

Is the Shop a Manufacturer or a Vendor?

When seeking custom trophies, the type of award shop you buy from matters. While the vending shops may help you find your perfect award, customizing it or making more trophies may be a problem. Manufacturing shops, on the other hand, fully involve you in the award-making process.

With an award manufacturer, you can purposely create a design for your trophy with professional help. You also get to choose your preferred material and any word imprints on the award. If you are looking for a manufacturer, remember you can order custom awards online easily.

What are the Different Custom Trophy Types?

For any business, customer preferences vary, and as such, having options is critical in order to meet more needs. So, don’t fret and ask your seller to see all custom trophy types available for purchase.

Another way that trophies differ is down to their sizes and weights. Bigger trophies best suit events with many people that may need the winner lifting the trophy. The award may be smaller at times but carry immense value due to its material, such as sport gold medals.

Depending on the activities, you can pick what kind of award to present, including medals, trophies, or plaques. That way, you are able to pick the best award that also meets your needs. Some common custom trophy variations include:

  • In case you are awarding solo efforts, one-time trophies are best suited for you. On the other hand, team awards are best gifted with perpetual trophies.
  • V-series, figurine, or column risers featuring trophies
  • Trophies with different base sizes
  • Trophies that allow room for a company’s or brand’s logo.
  • Trophies incorporate different materials such as glass or acrylic awards. The trophy quality and cost may vary depending on the material you use. Dazzling trophies need glasses or crystals. While more affordable options can include 3D printing or resin materials.

Who is the Award For and What are You Rewarding For?

Who you are handing an award to also matters. Awards arise different feelings in people and also signal different wins and their importance. Awarding out-of-place trophies can often call for misinterpretation of the significance of the awarding process itself.

For instance, you can’t explain a World Cup made out of pure gold awarded to a college soccer team. Similarly, young kids are often handed smaller trophies that change in size as they progress into different classes and more work. When awarding teams, figure out what works best between a team trophy or a single personal award among the team’s members.

How Many Names or Information Can I Engrave on the Trophy?

Some trophies feature an engraving of previous winners or information about the awards event or business. If that is the case, it is important you consider the size and make of the trophy. Also, ask whether prices can change due to the number of engravings on the award.

You don’t want to design a trophy only to find you cant engrave the winners’ name on it. That’s why asking first is essential before you order awards online.

How Soon Can You Get the Award?

Custom awards are made after you make an order, meaning they may take time to be done. The time it takes can depend on various factors, including the size, design, and the manufacturer’s skills. Knowing the time also avoids the embarrassment of hosting the award show without the awards.

When it comes to custom awards, the thought process is integral as the trophy itself. Ensure you achieve the target of showing appreciation and include the winner’s personal touch on the award. Now get ready for the award season.

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