Top 5 Useful Online Tools For Freelancers You Should Know Of

Top 5 Useful Online Tools For Freelancers You Should Know Of

Freelancing jobs are a great way to make some extra money. It has become popular as people realize the flexibility of working from home. Working with an employer and getting paid for your work on the completion of a project is a nice option, but you can also work on your terms and set your hours. This makes freelance work very attractive to those who are looking for ways to make money.

Freelancing jobs are popular because they offer a lot of flexibility for both parties.

As the industry continues to expand, tools to make this work easier are being added to the market day by day. In this article, we’re going to look at five tools that can make your work as a freelancer easier. It includes tools for file conversion, organization, productivity, and even file sharing.


First on the list is PDFBear, an online conversion tool that can enable you to edit, repair, and convert files from one form to another. This is an indispensable tool for freelancers as they constantly need to edit outputs for clients, share files between teammates, and repair damaged files, as well.

PDFBear is very easy to use in three easy steps, you can convert PDF to Excel files, word to pdf, pdf to ppt, and many more. As long as you know your way around a computer, using the program would be easy for you.

When you are done, you can download your edited file to your computer, and the file you worked on would be deleted from PDFBear in an hour for privacy reasons. You can use this tool with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

2. Trello

Trello is an internet-based, agile, project management tool and is a division of Atlassian, which is a provider of product development platforms. Trello is a user-friendly tool that organizes and tracks activity in teams. Each team has a task, which can be listed on boards, the team’s activity on that project is also listed and tracked in Trello.

This helps all the teams coordinate their activities to a certain extent, as there is no confusion about what actions each team member should take on a given project.

If you want to organize your team’s projects effectively, the first step is to define your goals. Then, you need to create project boards, which group all the project tasks together under a single theme. On these project boards, you will have icons for every task, which you can label as done, on track, or back to work. You also want to create some type of feedback system, so that people know when their work on a specific project is complete.

3. Slack

What is Slack? Slack is an online community where companies can communicate effectively in the form of group chat. It allows for live video conversations, real-time meetings, instant messaging, and simple text conversations. Why has slack become so popular? Slack was developed as a collaboration tool in the information technology industry. One of the primary goals was to create a way for two or more remote computers to work together more efficiently.

By utilizing slack, you can quickly and easily group individuals into groups, so that any user in the group can instantly message any other user in the group. The messages can include personal or business messages.

4. DropBox

Dropbox is an internet-based file sharing program that is often described as the alternative to other online storage providers such as Google Docs. Dropbox offers two distinct benefits over these other services: security and file sharing. With Dropbox, a business user can access their files from any computer with internet access, whether at home or on the road. This ease of use makes Dropbox an attractive choice for many companies, both large and small.

Dropbox is an excellent way to securely share files. It uses a private network that stores data across multiple servers so that only the people you need can have access to it.

5. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project-based tool that aims at helping new and small teams to manage their works more efficiently. It is a unique project management concept, which takes the complexity of managing different projects through a modular approach, making it easy for new teams to come up with processes and solutions they can adapt quickly, reducing the time frame for deliverables.

In Conclusion

While freelancing comes with its challenges, these innovative tools can make the job easier. There are so many available options for different purposes than those listed above. Whatever your line of work is, there is an online tool somewhere that can help you get the job done faster. Some of the tools listed above come in both free and paid versions. Make sure to check them out!


Written by Addison Taylor

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