Top 7 Cannabis Products That You Must Try If You Are in Mississauga

as Black Rabbit Mississauga

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. People can legally buy marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in every Canadian province. Ontario seems to be the largest cannabis market in Canada.

You can find some of the best cannabis vendors in cities like Mississauga, such as Black Rabbit Mississauga, and many more. Cannabis legalization brought significant changes to the country’s economy and society.

So, if you ever come to Mississauga, you should know the best cannabis products you should try. There are many different Canada weed shops and dispensaries to choose from with quality products, so shop around online before you go. Here are some of the most popular and high-quality cannabis products you can find in Mississauga.

1.      Kali Mist

Kali Mist is one of the favorite cannabis strains to all passionate marijuana users.  Among all Sativa strains, Kali Mist is the first option for people who use cannabis for medical problems and disorders. This powerful strain got so many awards precisely because of its quality.

As an award winner, it’s not a surprise that this strain became an absolute favorite among medical and recreational users. It comes in various flavors, like herbal, tropical, and juicy. People who fight depression and anxiety are the most common Kali Mist lovers.

If you use it for recreational purposes, it can be a creativity and mood booster. In some cases, it can be effective in relieving pain and headache.

2.      Cherry Fritter

If you’re visiting Mississauga, this strain is a must. This is a smoothly balanced hybrid with an even percentage of Indica and Sativa. Cherry Fritter is highly potent, and it can leave you with a deep relaxation feeling, so you should be careful about the dosage.

It can provide a high feeling as soon as you take the first hit. The aroma is just like its name, sweet and sour with a coffee touch. People who struggle with appetite loss or insomnia will adore this cherry hybrid strain.

3.      Pink Zombie

Pink Zombie strain is also a hybrid, but this time we talk about Indica hybrid. These adorable buds are made of crossing Zombie OG and Pink Kush and also see high voltage extracts. Like a hybrid of those two, it gives the best properties from both parents.

It’s great for evenings when you chill with friends, and you need energy and a social skill booster. Pink Zombie has a fresh and floral aroma with fruity undertones. It may help you deal with stress and depression and leave you relaxed and happy for several hours.

4.      Banana Punch

Banana Punch cannabis strain is also a hybrid made of Purple Punch and Banana OG. It has a fruity and sweet flavor with a taste of fresh pineapple and bananas. Most people with medical issues like appetite loss and stress use its therapeutic properties to treat those symptoms.

It is also a very potent strain, and we advise you to be careful if it’s your first time with Banana Punch. Most users claim that you need to wait for some time to feel the first effects of this strain. When they pop up, you might be possessed with a sense of calm and happiness.

5.      OG Bubba

Bubba OG is another hybrid with a dominant Indica strain. This bud is covered in trichomes and has a stunning floral aroma. The flavor is earthy and strong, and it can cause a dry mouth feeling. Og Bubba is maybe the most potent Indica hybrid with about 22-25% THC.

That makes it supremely powerful and great for various medical treatments. It may relieve chronic pain, depression and help people who have multiple sclerosis.

6.      Sunset Pink

Pink Sunset is a Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies cross. This Indica strain offers a sedative and relaxing feeling at the same time. It also has very high measured THC levels, and newbie users should be careful with the dosage.

The real Sunset Pink effects come 15-30 minutes after the ingestion. On the other hand, it is a natural remedy for stress and paranoia symptoms. This strain also helps people who are suffering from chronic pain and aches.

7.      Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl is a Sativa hybrid with uplifting nature. It acts as an energizer and provides mental clarity and focus. This strain can be extremely effective if you use it in the morning because it can help you stay focused and clear-minded.

It has a soft tropical aroma and flavor, which makes it popular among all cannabis users. It won’t leave you with a strong munchie feeling. Jamaican Pearl is known for its therapeutic effect on various medical problems. It can relieve painful inflammation, soothe stomach cramps and help with insomnia.


These are just a few of the best cannabis deals you can find in Mississauga, and there are plenty more. If you ever find yourself in this Canadian town, you can always check this article and pick your favorite.

Have you ever tried one of these popular strains? What are your experiences?

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