Top EMR software in 2022: eClinicalWorks & EpicCare 

EMR software systems offer a great deal of help to healthcare facilities, but choosing the right one is no easy task. These medical software solutions are multifaceted, so it is not possible for you to evaluate all their features before making a choice. In this piece, we will be discussing the two most popular EMR products: eClinicalWorks vs. Epic. It is difficult for medical providers to understand the differences between these two as they offer very similar features. Let’s find out what features they offer and how they differ in their pricing plans.

eClinicalWorks vs. Epic

eClinicalWorks EMR and Epic are two top-rated software systems with perfect-starred user reviews. This is why deciding between these two can be really challenging. EpicCare is often seen as the closest alternative to eClinicalWorks. Both EMR systems offer robust features for creating comprehensive reports and automating workflows. They also come with solid telemedicine solutions and provide a demo facility for users. If you are also looking to make a wise decision between the two, then continue reading. Here we will evaluate eClinicalWorks vs. Epic EMR in terms of features, reviews, and pricing.

eClinicalWorks software is a huge name in the EMR industry, providing solutions to more than 85,000 medical practitioners. This tech enterprise was developed in 1999 and has been winning the hearts of its users ever since. EpicCare also enjoys a notable reputation in the healthcare industry. The solution was introduced in 1979 and took the enterprise-grade healthcare organizations by storm because of its endless customizability options.

Both these medical software solutions aim to deliver technology-driven features to help providers seamlessly automate their day-to-day workflows. Improving practice efficiency and healthcare outcomes for patients is what they focus on. They are neck-to-neck with amazing EHR features. Let’s check them out without any further ado!

What are the Key Features of eClinicalWorks EMR and Epic?


eClinicalWorks review suggest that the software offers robust features to manage clinical, administrative, and financial tasks of a practice. It is a one-stop-shop solution that users can use for everything from scheduling patient appointments to achieving scalability. The software’s latest version includes power-packed functionalities to ensure patient satisfaction.

  1. Electronic prescriptions 

The software’s e-prescribing feature enables physicians to electronically send prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. It focuses exclusively on patient safety and automatically delivers information to pharmacies after a refill request has been received. All in all, the tool is designed to help providers save time and reduce redundant phone calls.

  1. Scheduling

The scheduling feature is of pivotal importance within a healthcare setup. eClinicalWorks EMR offers comprehensive scheduling options that let users add new patients, search appointments, look up existing patients, and manage scheduling requests. Your practice staff can also handle the scheduling of specialty equipment and resources.

  1. Revenue cycle management

The eClinicalWorks software solution features several useful billing tools, including insurance verification, credentials, and analytics. Its insightful reports help practices evaluate their financial performance to reach a bigger target. Moreover, you can keep an eye on all your inflows and outflows.

  1. Patient portal 

Patient portal is a must-have feature when it comes to improving patient engagement. eClinicalWorks comes with a robust portal that enables patients to play a more active role in their care process. From scheduling their appointments online to paying their dues, the patient portal feature can take a lot of burden off your front office staff. You can also evaluate this feature during the eClinicalWorks EMR demo.

  1. Telemedicine

This electronic health recording platform provides a powerful telemedicine solution. It facilitates providers in offering secure remote care sessions to their patients. Doctors and patients can consult with healthcare experts from all around the world using the eCW healow Virtual Room.


Epic is a feature-rich medical software platform that works around a patient-centric approach. Most of its features are targeted towards engaging patients in their care management.

  1. Patient engagement tools

Patients can use Epic EMR to book appointments, communicate with their providers, pre-register, pay bills online, and more. The platform makes it easier for patients and providers to collaborate on personalized treatment plans and improve health outcomes.

  1. Telehealth services

The current healthcare environment requires practices to have a proper telehealth solution in place. EpicCare gives its users a comprehensive telehealth feature that allows providers to conduct remote care sessions and track a patient’s health. You can utilize HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools to make sure your patients receive excellent provider consultations in the comfort of their homes.

  1. Revenue cycle management

Just like eClinicalWorks, Epic EMR offers a variety of RCM features to help practices maximize their revenue. The software allows patients to create payment plans and combine all of their balances together, streamlining the entire payment process.

  1. Patient portal

The software’s patient portal feature makes it easier for patients to access their health information and communicate with their healthcare providers. They can also view lab results, schedule visits, request prescription refills, complete questionnaires, and attend e-visits.

  1. Interoperability

Interoperability can promote better care outcomes as it allows providers to share a patient’s healthcare information across various medical organizations. Epic helps its users exchange more patient charts than any other EMR vendor.

Pricing comparison

There is a huge difference between the cost of eClinicalWorks EMR and Epic. The pricing plan for eClinicalWorks starts at $499 per month per provider. But if you buy it with practice management, you will have to pay an additional cost of $599. Epic EMR, on the other hand, comes at as low as $1,200 and can top $500,000 for large hospitals and healthcare setups. You can visit FindEMR to book a demo for both the products.

Final thoughts

After all the discussion done above, we can conclude that there is no one-size-fits-all winner in the eClinicalWorks vs. Epic question. Both are excellent medical software solutions with robust features that can automate your practice workflows. The right option for your healthcare organization depends on your unique requirements. We recommend that you carefully compare the benefits, features, and pricing plans of both these EMR products to make a wise decision.

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