Top Escape Rooms Near Huntington

Top Escape Rooms Near Huntington

If you are an escape enthusiast who always gets stuck on the one dreadful question: “but what are the best escape rooms near me?” this is where your search ends. Huntington is the hub for vibrant cultures, exciting events, and more. Once known as the Jewel City, this place offers a unique blend of history and modern life excitement.

Huntington has some amazing escape adventures to offer. You can choose from 15+ different escape rooms provided by 4 local brands operating in the area. These rooms are not just a great way to test your knowledge and creative thinking but are also educational. Plus, every escape room Huntington comes with highly experiences built around team-building elements.

Top Escape Rooms Near Huntington

So, if you are in Huntington and searching up “escape rooms near me,” we have the top escape rooms near Huntington listed below. Take a look!

  1. The Lost Escape Room: Looking for some late-night lock-in adventure? The Lost Escape Room offers you the best stay-in escape room experiences in town. Steve Adkins established the brand in 2016. This brand delivers escape room experiences with immersive themes and original plotlines, thus creating a cinematic context for the game.

Each room at this facility will offer you a different game design structure with clever puzzles and well-crafted riddles to test your wits. The hyper-realistic ambiances feature detailed sets and interactive props that transport you to the alternative realities of the games’ worlds. The company offers three different escape experiences in suspense, fantasy, and mythology themes. The average cost of these experiences is $25 per person, and players must be `6 years old or above to play the games. Each room can accommodate around 2-8 people at once. And if you wish to host any personal or corporate party at this place, the facility can accommodate up to 46 people.

  1. Tri-state Escape Breakout Games: Are you ready to escape a sinking ship, break out of jail, or find your way out of a hotel room you are trapped in? You will have a total of one hour to try and solve all the clues in order to break out of the room before you are caught. Tri-state Escape Breakout Games offers six different games with distinct themes and storylines. You can choose your pick from The Asylum, Captain’s Curse, Jail Break, Room 13, Haunting at Winchester Manor, and Escape From Egypt.

With a 4.9 customer rating, this company is one of the best escape room providers in the city. The average cost for the games is $25 per person. The facility can accommodate a maximum of 48 players, and you must be above the age of 15 can participate individually.

  1. Deadbolt- Boney fiddle Escape Rooms and Mysteries: This is a locally-owned brand that offers you the most authentic escape room experience. The rooms are designed with diverse themes and corresponding set designs that feature interactive props and décor. The brand was founded by Jerod Walker, Stacey Walker, and Jonathan Tully in 2018 and was the first escape room in Portsmouth. The founders were inspired to undertake this venture with the vision of providing family-friendly adventures to the people of their local community.

The brand offers several escape experiences with original storylines and cinematic themes. Each of the rooms is built with detailed set pieces and elaborate lighting to immerse your senses into the game completely. You can choose your adventure from 4 different games- The Cabin, Taken, Precinct 740, and Castle Dracula. The average cost for these experiences is $25 per player. The players can participate individually or in a team of a maximum of 35 players. You must be above the age of 13 to be able to participate independently. Any participant below 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

  1. Locked and Coded: Though this is facility is a little farther away from Huntington, the experiences at this place are worth the 20-minute drive. Each of the rooms is designed with clever gameplay that challenges your intellect and polishes important soft skills. Established in 2017 by Karen B, this local brand offers unique and one-of-a-kind challenges, well-equipped with artistic elements and props. You can choose your pick from the 6 available experiences- Dead Line, Drone Down, Jail Break, Wicked Cavern, and The Inheritance. With a 4.9 customer rating, this company is one of the most sought-after escape rooms in town. The average cost for playing an escape game here is $25 per person. You can participate individually or in a team of a maximum of 46 players. Players above the age of 12 can participate individually.

Each of these escape rooms has unique themes and highly intricate ambiances to ensure a top-tier escape experience. Let us know which ends up being your pick out of these!

Written by Enaa Mari

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