Top Five Canadian Gifting Tips and Ideas

If you know a Canadian who seems to have it all, chances are you may be at a loss as to what to get them for their birthday or for the holidays. When clothes, candles, and jewellery are out of the question, it is time to get a little creative with your gift-giving. From unique Toronto gift baskets and a wine subscription to a letter-writing kit, here are five gifting tips and ideas to help you find the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list.

  1. Wine Subscription

A wine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Sign up your loved one for a monthly subscription to some of their favourite wines. Whether they like white, red, or sparkling, there is a wine for everyone’s taste. These subscription services will deliver your favourite wines right to your doorstep and make a great gift for those who love to have a cocktail or two in their own home. These subscriptions last as long as you want them to, so this is surely a gift that they will appreciate for months to come and certainly something unique to gift.

  1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are one of those things you can gift just about anyone because you can personalize them for whoever you are gifting them to. There are tons of Toronto gift baskets to choose from, including gift baskets that are full of snacks that are only found in Canada. If you are looking to gift something that is not food related, a gift basket with lotion, body scrubs, and a face mask is also a good option. You can even make your own gift basket by buying small items your loved one enjoys and putting them together yourself.

  1. Letter Writing Kit

Let’s face it—hardly anyone writes letters anymore. Chances are, the only letters you are getting in the mail are the occasional birthday cards from your grandma. Letter writing is a lost art that is starting to make a comeback, and if you know someone who truly appreciates something like a handwritten letter, consider gifting them a letter writing kit. These kits come complete with a card for your loved one to be able to send every week of the year—perhaps even to you! Letter writing kits are truly a great gift for those who have it all.

  1. Slippers

Okay, so your loved one may already have a pair of slippers, but who doesn’t like slippers? Having more than one pair is ideal as you can have a pair for your bedroom, living room, or some to wear while you wash your other pairs. Slippers tend to wear down and become less soft over time, so be sure to look for a pair of slippers that are sure to last a while—velvet slippers, for example, are a good option. If you really want to make your gift that much more special, consider throwing in a matching robe too!

  1. Board Games

Board games are the type of thing that everyone likes to play but that no one actually buys for themselves. There is no denying it, though—board games are a ton of fun to play, especially when you make a night out of it. Therefore, board games are truly the perfect gift to give for any occasion. You can find card games such as Uno or stick to classics like Monopoly and Guess Who. Better yet, add in a bottle of wine to complete the perfect game night kit!

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