Top Five Most Famous Ferrari Models of All Time

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Even if you barely know anything about cars and the automotive industry, you definitely know what Ferrari is. This car manufacturer has built up the brand name that acquired worldwide popularity. A lot of rich and famous people drive Ferraris daily or collect unique or expensive cars as a hobby. It’s impossible to imagine a good car collection without one or two Italian vehicles.

There is no wonder Ferrari is well-known. The main focus of the creator, Enzo Ferrari, was to add the features of a racing car to a common vehicle without losing points in comfort. From the very first car launched in 1946 to the latest limited Ferrari 812 Superfast, the company was successfully following this path.

It’s clear that such a beast on the car market will have the most incredible and exceptional models that will be familiar to any car lover. Here is a shortlist of the most famous Ferraris the company ever designed and produced.

  • Ferrari LaFerrari

 This model is a true gem in the Ferrari collection. It has everything it needs to become a one-of-a-kind car. It has a limited line of 499 units, it was the very first Ferrari that used a hybrid drive system, and it gets to 200 kph or 124mph in seven seconds. These characteristics contribute a lot to making LaFerrari a true masterpiece of car manufacturing.

Sure, such a uniqueness also contributed a lot to its price. This car released in 2014 is estimated to cost $1 million. Still, this vehicle is a perfect item for professional collectors.

  • Ferrari F40

It’s easy to guess from the model’s name that this car was launched in celebration of Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. Despite being launched more than 30 years ago, this entry can easily apply for the title “the sports car of all times.” Its body is made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and kevlar and the car has 471 horsepower under the hood. Impressive for a car made in 1987.

The F40 also has a more essential value. It was the last car that Enzo Ferrari approved by himself before his death. Today, one item of F40 can easily cost you $1.5 million.

  • Ferrari Testarossa

This car is an absolute icon of the ‘80s. If you ask someone who was a kid at that time “what car was on the poster in your room,” there is an extremely high chance that the answer will be the Testarossa. The first car came off the production line in 1984 and totally won the audience’s attention. Pininfarina created a smooth and modern design with gradual curves and remarkable lines on each side. Testarossa is one of the most classic Ferraris ever launched. It has helped the company become a globally famous automaker. 

  • Ferrari Enzo

Yes, this car is named after the company’s founder. The Enzo model was not another sports car, but it was an F1-like car made for the road. It was light, smooth, and unbelievably beautiful. This car had a huge influence on the general concept of Ferrari and all further designs they created.

A lot of modern models are following the steps of their famous predecessor. If you want to take a closer look at the heritage of Ferrari Enzo, you can easily rent it. For example, if you decide to spend the holiday season in Dubai, check a Dubai Ferrari rental and choose what you want to drive.

  • Ferrari 250 GTO

If you are a Ferrari fan, you definitely know what this entry is about. The 250 GTO has only 39 items produced from 1962 to 1964 which makes it one of the rarest cars in the world. Besides, this model claims the title of the most expensive car in the world. They say one vehicle was sold at the private auction for $31 million.

Summing it up

The list of five positions is not enough to cover every Ferrari with worldwide recognition. There are many more cars that seem worth being included because of their exclusive characteristics and history. But in this case, the above-mentioned list will be way larger. Besides, these five entries greatly depict the high quality of Ferrari production. If you want to get a fast and powerful vehicle (and you have enough money for it), Ferrari may just be the right choice.

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