Top Reasons to Move to Philadelphia

Top Reasons to Move to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, commonly called the city of brotherly love, is a desirable metropolis for many people nationally and globally. It appeals for its unique cultural heritage, low cost of living, great transportation, big-city amenities, and tons of outdoor attractions. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or secured a job on the East Coast, here are five reasons to move to Philadelphia.

Excellent Transportation

Getting around Philadelphia is easy with an extensive road and rail network. You can board a bus or train to your destination or book a flight. There’re plenty of flight options when traveling in and out of Philadelphia for business or leisure. If you are business-minded, these articles on building a offsite airport parking will be helpful. Not to mention, the city is pedestrian-friendly. You can run errands in the city on foot while enjoying the beautiful views and harnessing the health benefits of walking.

Affordable Living

While the cost of living has surged in the last few years, Philadelphia is an affordable city, especially compared to neighboring cities like New York and Washington. You can get a decent house without spending your entire paycheck, and food and entertainment are pretty affordable.

When it comes to real estate, the city has a diverse range of affordable housing styles. From luxury condos offering stunning skyline views to comfortable single-family homes in serene neighborhoods like Overbrook and Chestnut, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, Philadelphia’s medium sale price is $242k, more than 100k lower than the national average.

Rich History

History buffs have every reason to relocate to the city of brotherly love. It is among the oldest cities in the US and entices with history-full of museums, art galleries, sculptures, cathedrals, and streets. You can check out historic sites like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Museum of the American Revolution, and Elfreth’s Alley. Philadelphia has earned its place in American history as the birthplace of American freedom because it hosted the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Numerous Things to Do

Philadelphia is a vibrant city with tons of things to do and attractions to see. The city’s historic sites, farms and orchards, parks, and playgrounds offer a recreational activity for almost everyone. When bored at home, you can rejuvenate in the infamous Fairmount Park, featuring 2,000 acres of trails, hills, and green areas. You can also visit the Pocono Mountains and enjoy zip-lining, snow tubing, a scenic train tour, or a romantic gateway with a significant other.

Thriving Food Scene

If you are a foodie, Philadelphia should be your next home. From the famous cheese steak to soft pretzels and specialty cuisines featuring Mexican, Ethiopian, and Chinese food, this city has a broad range of incredible foods to satisfy diverse taste buds. When you need a fine dining experience, world-class options like Beddia Pizzeria and Bon Appetit won’t disappoint. Besides the delicious food, Philly is home to numerous breweries and distilleries to quench your thirst.

Philadelphia has a lot to offer, from rich history to tasty cuisines and affordable housing. It is an excellent location for anyone looking for the conveniences of a big city with the charm and energy of a small town.

Written by Enaa Mari

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