Top Ways To Hone Your Driving Skills!! 

Top Ways To Hone Your Driving Skills!! 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver in Australia. You might be thinking about how to hone your driving skills to become a better and safer driver.

Since Australia has become commonplace for drivers, California driving course offers essential tips for every individual to learn defensive driving to tackle different situations.

We are living in a community where road rage can start anytime, resulting in fatal crashes. So, today here we will discuss some of the top tips from LTrent Driving Instructors that ensure to improve your driving expertise as you devote your time in fulfilling the journey toward attaining your driving license.

  • Develop Your Expertise In Parallel Parking 

Although not every time parallel parking is included on the driving tests, the examiner can use it anytime to test your skills. It is often only the option available when you are behind the wheels in a busy city. So, practicing how to parallel park properly would be useful in those situations.

Also, learning how to parallel park will help you understand how your car reacts while reversing. You will be able to measure the total size and determine the position from the road. This would help thousands of driving novices, like making a three-point turn or backing into a tight parking space.

Although it might seem one of the simplest techniques, once you have mastered it, there is nothing that would hold you back from passing the test. Experts from LTrent recommend that parallel parking is among the essential aspects of your training program that help you learn how your vehicle responds when parking in reverse mode.

  • Maintain Proper Space Between You And The Car In Front

According to the professionals, the automobile in front of you should be at least 3 seconds ahead of your car so that you have enough time to respond in case they hit the brakes immediately, change their direction, or are thinking about making a move. It will help keep a safe distance between both vehicles, allowing you to deal with immediate actions taken by the automobile in front of you.

So, if you want to practice this technique, first, you need to choose a landmark that the front automobile passes like a road sign. After that, start counting. You should reach that landmark in 3 seconds after the front car has passed it. You should know that maintaining proper distance is one of safer driving because it will help you protect your unwanted accidents.

  • Maintain A Proper Position Of Your Hands

It is always recommended to keep your hands over “9 and 3” or “10 and 2”, which ensures that you will respond to any situation on the road effectively. On the contrary, driving with a low hand position or using a single hand makes it harder for you to turn your car around quickly.

You should know that different types of steering wheels are available in the market, altering the transition and movement speed. If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic steering wheel, it would be easier for you to turn your wheel. Otherwise, using the recommended hand position is always better for handling any situation.

  • Gain Experience While Driving At Night Or In Inclement Weather

Most often, novice drivers are afraid or nervous while driving in bad weather like fog or rain and during the night. But you should know that it is always a good idea to gain some driving experience during these conditions because it will test all your skills and consciousness. So, you should remember to use proper lights and slow down the speed whenever the road or the condition seems dangerous.

During your training lessons, you would be provided with safe driving principles to be used during inclement weather and night driving. Nowadays, cars are equipped with LED lights that make the path visible in a foggy climate, allowing you to travel safely. During harsh weather, one should avoid getting into hilly or mountain areas because roadside trees are more likely to break down during extreme climates. It would be better for you to keep your consciousness active and stay focused on the path to travel safely.

  • Start Practicing To Look 10-15 Seconds Ahead Of Your Vehicle

As discussed above, becoming a good driver requires active consciousness rather than a lousy one. In simpler words, you should be prepared to react to every dangerous situation on the road. One of the best ways to do that is to not only maintain a proper distance from the automobile in front of you but also look as far as you can at the road. You must look half a kilometer ahead on the country road or highway and 3-4 blocks in the city. It only takes 10-15 seconds to reach your objective.

You will be able to focus on the front car as well as further ahead, which will help you understand the other drivers, obstacles, upcoming traffic lights, and signs and make you prepared for any on-road situation. This technique will also help in situations when you want to overtake and move ahead. You can look at a further distance to determine whether you have enough space to overtake or not. And when you see an opportunity, you can easily hit the gas to reach your destination faster.

The Professional Way Of Honing Your Driving Skills Is With Curated Driving Lessons!!

If you are really thinking about honing your driving skills, your best bet is to work with a professional driving instructor. With the assistance of an expert, one can address its particular weakness and understand more about defensive, safe driving techniques in Australia.

However, you will get enough information from books and in-person sessions with a professional instructor at LTrent. We have a team of experienced drivers who are well versed with the latest state rules and government regulations. You can start your journey of becoming the best driver when working with our professional driving instructors.

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