Traditional Irish Clothing: What Are My Options?

Traditional Irish clothing has been around for much longer than some people might think. The kilt first originated in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. But it isn’t the only clothing item that came from Ireland.

These days many Irish and Celtic-inspired clothing items can be seen in various clothing stores. Celtic knot and braid work can be seen in various jewelry and clothing items sold worldwide, but it’s important to understand the history behind these items.

If you’re looking to incorporate some traditional Irish clothing into your wardrobe, then keep reading.

The Kilt

The Irish kilt is something most people will recognize due to the popularity of shows like Outlander. This clothing item is often associated with the Scottish Highlands but is also worn in Ireland and some Celtic countries.

A kilt is a knee-length skirt that consists of pleating at the waist, and it’s fastened with a belt. Kilts are often made out of wool or a wool blend, and tartan patterns are a popular design choice.

Kilts are worn by many people to express their identity and connect with their culture and heritage. Kilts are a great source of pride, so make sure you wear them the right way! If you’re looking for some inspiration, look at this Irish kilt found here.

The Aran Sweater

Aran sweaters are an incredibly popular clothing item, and they can be identified by their intricate stitch patterns. Originally these sweaters were made out of thick material in order to survive the harsh winters, but more modern sweaters come in thinner variations.

These sweaters were traditionally used as a way to differentiate the various clans on the Aran Islands. The interlocking knotwork and spiral designs were unique to each clan.

These days most Aran sweaters are machine-made, so you have more variety available. 

Celtic Brooch

If you’re not ready to incorporate Irish clothing into your wardrobe, but you still want to add an Irish feel to your clothes, then you should consider getting a Celtic brooch.

Celtic brooches are the most popular Celtic jewelry available today. They are generally made from gold or silver, and the intricate designs are what make them special. They’re a great way to add an Irish flair to your everyday clothes.

Most Celtic brooches feature Celtic knots or Celtic symbols. You can also find brooches with gemstones inlaid in them.

These brooches also make for a great gift, as they’re extremely recognizable but less of a commitment than an Irish kilt.

Traditional Irish Clothing

When it comes to traditional Irish clothing, you can’t go wrong with an Irish kilt or Aran sweater. There are various clothing items you can incorporate into your everyday life; you simply need to find something you like and wear it with confidence. So go ahead and rock that kilt. 

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