Trendiest Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to Transform Your Looks

Trendiest Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to Transform Your Looks

A burgundy hair color is made by mixing brown and purple. The resulting color resembles a red wine, and it shines when stricken by the smallest rays of light. This hair color is used by ladies of any skin tone to give some contrast to their skin.

If you are a shy girl who wants to try the care-free spirit kind of a lifestyle and attract some attention to your life, this is a perfect hair color to try. But before you choose a color, you might end up regretting, check out these burgundy hair color ideas. This guide will help you make a better decision.

1. A Mixture Of Burgundy And Blackberry

If you are looking for a fun and confident color that will not be too shouting and attracting attention, you should try this combo. This tint favors women who are restricted from having bold hair colors at their workplace. Actually, it suits women with naturally dark hair more and better because their hair has some underlying red pigment.

2. A Black And Burgundy Combo

Black hair is always attractive, but plain black can be a little bit boring. Spice up your dark mane by adding some dark wine to it. You will most certainly love the resulting black and burgundy balayage. According to LoveHairStyles, you can add style by curling the mid-length and making the ends straight but soft.

3. Curls On Bordeaux Burgundy Hair

One advantage of this hair color is that it comes in different shades, so you can choose one that matches your skin tone. To keep the hair clean and shiny, most stylists suggest that you get a sulfate-free shampoo. Ensure you also get some retouch of the color from time to time to maintain the shine.

4. Burgundy With Auburn Tones For The Seniors

You probably don’t know what to do with your hair in your 60s and 70s. So, this burgundy with auburn shades will be a fun and funky hairstyle to try, especially if you have a warm skin tone. You need red shampoo for easy maintenance because it maintains the shade but removes any unwanted colors.

5. Maroon Burgundy Suited For Shoulder Length Hair

What about if this time round you opt for something bolder than your regular plain hair color? Well, we all know that a plain bob can be boring to have and to style. To add some life to it, you can introduce the maroon burgundy shade to your hair. Ask your stylist to make it wavy to have some attraction and beauty to it. This is a great hair color to help you steal the whole show if you are such a lady who needs attention wherever she goes!

6. Faint Burgundy Shade

If you just colored your hair red and are not happy with the shade, you have an option of intensifying your hair color. Tell your stylist that you want a light burgundy red color, and you will thank yourself later for making the decision.

7. Dark And Light Burgundy Mixture

This is one of the classic hair color styles that should be on your to-try list. You will get a reddish-brown hair hue out of this trend, and it will be more advantageous if you have a medium skin complexion. The downside of this hair color is that it needs a lot of attention and maintenance. For best care, use a heat protection spray. This keeps the color intact.

8. Wine Colored Burgundy Hair

This hairstyle resembles the fineness and classiness of a glass of fine wine. The color might fade out with time, and if this happens, a red depositing shampoo will help. Too much fading is an indication you need to do a full retouch on your hair.

9. Add Highlights To The Burgundy Hair

Women like to add some burgundy highlight to this sweet hair dyeing. It adds style by adding some depth to the color. It will also make the brown-red shade pop more. This hairstyle is a must-try.

10. A-Line Bob With Rich Burgundy

With this hair hue, you will be required to try the semi-permanent gloss and take care of the root touch-ups to maintain the richness of the burgundy hair.

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