Types of straw Sun hats that are must haves for women

Types of straw Sun hats that are must haves for women

Women look incredibly fashionable and stylish in sun hats while ensuring the best protection from the harmful UV rays of the run. Straw hats for women are must have fashion accessories during summer when people love to spend most of the time under the sun. Whether spending time on the beach with family and friends or traveling to some favorite summer destination, straw hats are the best choice because of the extreme comfort and all-around protection. Straw is one of the chosen hat-making materials because the eco-friendly material helps to balance fashion and lifestyle needs.

Women like to wear straw hats with different outfits available in various styles and designs. Still, perhaps the most popular is the sun hats that rarely use any other material than straw. In other words, straw is the staple material for making sun hats which is not the case for other hats like fedoras, trilbys, and top hats.

Here are some types of straw hats that are must haves women’s wardrobes.

The Boater hat style

Traditionally Boater hats have been a traditional men’s headgear for warm weather.  Boater hats were so formal earlier that there would be a particular day of the year for officially wearing the Boater hat that marked the change of weather from winter to summer. Usually known as the ‘Straw Hat Day,’ the celebrations took place on the second Saturday of May. Straw hats have broken the gender barrier, and the Boater hat that used to be a hat for men only is now a favorite among women.

The quality of straw of the Boater hat is special because of its stiffness, and the looks are distinct too because of the stiff, flat crown and brim. The Boater style hat is a part of the school uniform in some boys’ schools in South Africa, Australia, and the UK. Its patronization by some of the leading women’s fashion labels has turned it into an iconic fashion accessory for women.  It is a must have for women who travel a lot or are keen to make their fashion statement. Travelers have contributed immensely in popularizing the Boater style hat.

Fedora straw hat

Fedoras have been in a class of their own since their appearance on stage during the 1800s.  The hat that created a storm among women and later became a symbol of the women’s liberation movement gradually transcended the gender barrier and underwent a metamorphosis into a men’s hat that underlined elegance and class. It took about two centuries for fedora hats to become a unisex fashion accessory that upholds the masculine undertones as much as it manifests the feminine charm and grace.

For beach vacations and during the summer months choosing straw fedora hats seems to be a no-brainer. The design and style of men’s and women’s fedoras are pretty similar to the typical teardrop-shaped crowns and wide brims to ensure extended protection from the sun rays, especially other weather elements.  For ensuring more comfort during the hot summers, straw fedoras have broad, breathable stitching that keeps the head cool.

Panama Straw hats

Panama hats are the typical sun hats that travelers and vacationers consider as must haves.  Women who want to express their fashion creatively use Panama hats defined by their unique material and style.  Panama hats are Ecuadorian hats made from toquilla straw that imparts a natural light color to the hats, making them lightweight and breathable. It is exceptionally comfortable to wear besides looking highly stylish and creating classic looks.

The pattern of straw weaving impacts the quality of Panama hats. Tighter is the weaving, better is the protection, and higher is the price. It is easy to identify tourists among the crowd as they would indeed be wearing Panama hats when traveling to summer destinations. The Panama hats became most popular in 1906 when the American president Theodore Roosevelt wore various Panama hats while visiting the Panama Canal. The sight of celebrities like Khloe Kardashian or Amal Clooney wearing Panama hats has contributed immensely to popularize the hat among women.

Floppy Straw hat

An important member of the family of sun hats, the Floppy straw hats have a typical connection with beachwear and have become an intrinsic part of the seaside dressing.  Since women seek maximum sun protection when spending a long time at the beach, the Floppy hats made from a straw can serve the purpose to the fullest. Also known as Floppy beach hats, these soft but tough hats have wide brims that offer maximum protection from the sunrays. The Floppy hats are often extra-large and might even have brims as wide as 10 inches, usually not seen in other sun hats.

The hats provide maximum shade that protects the face and neck and extends up to the shoulders, depending on the brim width.

Written by Enaa Mari

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