Types of Waterproofing Paints Every Homeowner Should Know About

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When it comes to getting the house painted, various homeowners pay special attention to choosing the right colour for every space of their home. But in the process, not many think about the type of paints they should apply to the different areas to ensure a long-lasting result. Waterproofing paint is one such paint type that deserves special attention by homeowners, especially those whose house has a beautiful terrace, a big basement, and a garage.

If the wall surfaces and floors of these areas are not painted with the right waterproofing paint, the entire space can get affected due to water leakage problems, especially during the rainy season. The waterproofing paint for terrace price is pretty reasonable, so house owners should at least get their terrace protected with top-quality waterproofing paint. To help you choose the best waterproofing paint for your terrace and other spaces, we’ve listed down the different types of waterproofing paints available in the market. Take a quick look at them, and pick the best one for your house.

Epoxy Paint

One of the best waterproofing paints you can get is epoxy paint. For the uninitiated, epoxy is a plastic resin added to paints that, when applied on wall surfaces, rapidly transforms into a hardening compound. This hardened compound acts as a waterproof seal and does an excellent job adhering to concrete surfaces, cement surfaces, metal, stones, etc. 

Epoxy paint is durable, and you can expect it to last for years. Coming to the price point, the most expensive epoxy paints are generally the best ones. However, the economic options also do a good job. So once you’ve finalized to go ahead with epoxy paint, look for the best Asian paints colour codes for this paint category.

Masonry Paint

Masonry paint contains latex and ceramic materials that are primarily responsible for making this paint waterproof. You can apply the masonry paint on any hard surface made of concrete, bricks, and others. Besides being water-resistant, masonry paint is also mildew resistant, and one can easily clean surfaces painted with this paint using a mild soap and water. These paints usually come with an extended warranty from paint manufacturers, so you can expect them to last really long. And do you know the best part? It isn’t too expensive.

Acrylic Paint

 Another excellent waterproofing paint type is the well-known acrylic paint. This paint is ideal for terraces, roofs and can be applied on other areas of your house as well. The best part of this waterproofing paint is that it is easy to apply and is non-toxic. Compared to other paints, acrylic paints are odour-free and do an excellent job at quick drying. Acrolein is added to acrylic paints to make them waterproof and reduce the toxicity that otherwise exists.

Now that you’re aware of the three most popular waterproofing paints, go ahead and pick the one that serves the intended purpose for the desired space. For best results, always buy these paints from a reputed brand.  

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